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Pink Faun

Pink Faun - USB Audio Bridge PCIe

€ 393
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PCI-e Card Height
Pink Faun - Clock OCXO
Pink Faun - ULTRA OCXO Clock
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Pink Faun USB Audio Bridge

The Pink Faun USB Bridge (PCI-Express) is designed to establish the best USB connection between a computer and a DAC.
If you want to use a computer as a high-end source for playing music, the USB bridge is the best option to connect to the DAC via USB (PCM and DSD).
The USB bridge is powered via the 4-pin molex connector, no power is used from the motherboard. There is also the possibility to connect an external power supply of 5-volt to provide the USB bridge with a better power supply.

The standard clock on the Pink Faun USB Bridge is a very accurate TCXO clock, which can be upgraded at any time to an OCXO clock with low noise via a very easy to install module. The Pink Faun Audio Bridge automatically switches to the best clock.
The USB bridge is available with a high or low profile bracket.

  • USB 2.0 Output
  • Windows Compatible
  • PCIe card
  • OCXO clock optional
  • OCXO ULTRA clock optional

Digital does not exist. Digital is an analog signal (in its purest form a square wave) that is interpreted as a 1 or a 0. In reality, it is impossible to generate a purely square wave, and we have to deal with noise: an unwanted disturbance in an electrical signal.

Our goal in designing Pink Faun bridges is to keep it clean and simple. We believe in the principle: if you add nothing, you do not have to filter out anything. Pink Faun bridges are designed to keep interference in the digital signal to a minimum. Think of low noise linear regulation with pre and post choke / PI filtering, low noise accurate OCXO clock, and fast and simple electronic circuits with high-quality components. Our range of digital output cards consists of a LAN bridge, USB bridge, SPDIF bridge, and an I2S bridge.

In case you need something special, please contact us, and we can discuss what our engineers can do for you.

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