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audio-di-20-front_1080385727audio-gd-di20he-usb-digital-converter-i2s-dsd-pcm-spdif-clock-out-10mhz-input-backaudio-gd-di20he-usb-digital-converter-i2s-dsd-pcm-spdif-clock-out-10mhz-input-topAudio-GD - DI-20HE - Digital Interface Regenerative PSU (USB, SPDIF, I2S - DSD512 PCM384) 

Audio-GD - DI-20HE - Digital Interface Regenerative PSU (USB, SPDIF, I2S - DSD512 PCM384) 

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Audio-GD - DI-20 Digital Converter Regenerative PSU (USB, SPDIF, I2S - DSD512 PCM384) 

Accusilicon 90/98M Edition & shield included

Built in Amanero USB interface and isolator
Built in FPGA S/Pdif interface support DOP
FPGA processes data and clock, and support SQ upgradeable
ACSS /Class S/Pdif output
R core and 13 groups ultra PSU linear power supplies
Support up to PCM384K / DSD512
FPGA firmware design by audiophile,the codes most consider by the SQ but not function


RCA 75 Ohm coaxial audio input (0.5VPP @ 75 Ohm) .

External 10MHz clock input (0.3VPP -3VPP @ 50 Ohm)

USB audio input(USB2.0/USB3.0)

UPDATE PORT 10 pins port
To connect the Altera Blaster and proceed with an FPGA firmware update from Windows, using the Altera programming software. These updates are meant for upgrading the functionality and/or sound quality .


AES/EBU output connector(5VPP @ 110 Ohm)

Standard coaxial output connector, with built-in silver wire isolation transformer. (0.5VPP @ 75 Ohm

Output using current transmission technology over coaxial (0.5VPP @ 75 Ohm).
This output applies the 2nd generation coaxial ACSS technology, which offers even further reduced signal degradation and better sound quality over a coaxial cable .

IIS signal over HDMI output (3.3V LVDS @ 110 Ohm). It only can work with DACs using the exact same pin definition. It can NOT work with mainstream audio/video devices featuring HDMI inputs, and connecting the DI to such devices could damage it, in which case the warranty will not cover the repairs.

Outputs 256fs main clock or LRCK/WCLK (3.3V LVDS @ 50 Ohm) . User-selectable .


1, Built in the Amanero USB interface that is the most compatible and steady , support WIN, OSX, IOS and Linux , and had been test with some TV that is based on Android system. (Has not test with Android phone yet ).
2, Built in 10MHz external clock input connector .
3, Built in main clock/ Wck output connector, the output clock type can set by user.
4, USB and Coaxial input (support DOP) can conversion to HDMI-IIS and coaxial output . The coaxial input and output interface had designed in the FPGA but not built in the USB chip, due the high speed of the FPGA so can improve on sound quality .
5, HDMI-IIS output can set the definitions of PCM and DSD through the display menu .
6, built in the best sound R core transformer and 13 groups ultra PSU become double stage power supplies, supplys to the different signal parts separately .
7, Built in the 150M high speed isolator between USB interface and FPGA signal processor. Because the isolator can effect the data and clock transmit, so the FPGA has corrected the timing to improved on sound quality .
8, The USB inteface and FPGA processor have applied the same clocks for avoid the different clocks effect the sound quality .
9, FPGA data process mode can select either parallel or series mode .
The USB output IIS data is series transmit mode, every data must need one clock cycle to process or transmit, one frame data ( Include L and R data) must need 64 clock cycle to process or transmit, so the data has effect by the 64 clock cycles.
But the parallel data process and transmit mode only need one clock cycle can finish the one frame data process and transmit, that can avoid the effect of clock stability .
The USB input and the S/Pdif decoder output data has recombine become dual 32bit parallel data once input , and the DSD input has recombine become dual 64bit parallel data once input.
The parallel process and transmit mode can improve the sound quality on the transparency and detail but still analog.
10, Full new configuration clock manage design built in, improved on the clock timing .
11, The display can show the sampling of PCM and DSD, and it can as the interface between human and machine, allow user change the setting in the unit .
12, Built in USB firmware update button and FPGA firmware update connector, update firmware without open the unit, and support sound quality upgradeable in future.
13, The digital data and clock even more easy effect by transmit than the analog signal, cause the DAC sound worse even can not work. So the DI-20 built in multiple strong drive ability chips to drive the different data and clock, to reduces the effect during transmit .
14, The 2nd generation ACSS SPdif output design that invented by Kingwa, which offers even further reduced signal degradation and better sound quality over a coaxial cable . The DI-20 also design standard coaxial output connector, with built-in silver wire isolation transformer.


audiogd r7he mhreg psu

An integrated regenerative power supply is a proprietary electric generator built into the unit to avoid any noise from main power and deliver ultra-low noise and clean AC wave to feed the preamp

It will regenerate the main power and block noise from the power line, this way the preamp is able to reproduce the most neutral and analog sound you can imagine.

First a transformer converts main voltage. DC conversion is done by class A PSUs power supplies. 

A discrete balanced regenerative wave generator produces the new ultra-low noise wave form at 400Hz. The 400Hz frequency was chosen because they have better efficiency compared to traditional 50Hz and at this frequency, 400Hz, it will boost the sound to reproduce real and pleasant analog sound.

The balanced gain amps with powerful output stages are driving the regenerative transformers to produce the extreme clean AC power. The extreme regenerated clean AC power is send to separate class A PSUs power supplies for both left and right channel.

The discrete class-A DC power supply with high input impedance will avoid any noise and allow the amplifier stages to have low output impedance at very high speed and linear at frequency spectrum.

Specifications might subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

10M external clock

50欧 0.3Vpp- 3Vpp

S/Pdif input

0.5 Vp-p @75 Ohms

USB input

USB2.0 - USB3.0 

HDMI-IIS output

3.3V LDVS @ 100 ohms

S/Pdif output

0.5 Vp-p @75 Ohms

AES/EBU output

5Vp-p @110 ohms

Clock output

256fs clock
DSD clock

Support operate system (USB)

Windows, OSX, Linux, ISO

Support sampling

 USB : 44.1kHz - 384kHz /32Bit DSD64-512
 Coaxial input: 44.1kHz - 192kHz / Dop
Coaxial output: 44.1kHz - 192kHz

Power Requirement

Version 1: 100-120V  AC 50/60 Hz
Version 2:  220-240V  AC 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption


Package Weight

Approximately 5KG


W240 X L240 X H85 (MM, with feet, Fully aluminium )  


No Accessories


Download USB Amanero drivers for Windows 10
Download USB Amanero drivers for Windows 7 & 8

No drivers required for Linux and/or Mac OS
OSX 10.6+ and Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel
Microsoft Windows: KS/Wasapi/WDM/ASIO

Merk URL :
Gewicht: 3.5 kg
Breedte: 240 mm
Lengte: 360 mm
Hoogte: 80 mm
Magna Hifi - Webshop: Audio-GDAudio-GD


0.5 Vp-p
19 dBm
1.0, 1.1, 2.0 & 3.0
Windows, iOS, Linux
USB Cable
IEC Power Cord

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