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audio-gd-nfb-1-amp-front-01audio-gd_d28_dac_es9038_discrete_headphone_amplifier_002audio-gd_d28_dac_es9038_discrete_headphone_amplifier_004audio-gd_d28_dac_es9038_discrete_headphone_amplifier_005audio-gd_d28_dac_es9038_discrete_headphone_amplifier_006Audio-GD - D-28.38 Full Option - Discrete Balanced ES9038 PRO DAC - PCM / DxD / DSD - Pre- & Headphone Amplifier

Audio-GD - D-28.38 Full Option - Discrete Balanced ES9038 PRO DAC - PCM / DxD / DSD - Pre- & Headphone Amplifier

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Power cable (Default C13 EURO)
Audio-GD - Remote Control (IR) Aluminium
Additional RCA output (Replacing ACSS)
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This product + & Hifiman Sundara

Audio-GD - D28.38 Full Option - Discrete Balanced ES9038 PRO DAC - PCM / DxD / DSD - Pre- & Headphone Amplifier

USB Crystek clocks
ES9038 100Mhz Accusilicon AS318B clock
Aluminium Remote Control (Optional)

DAC + Discrete transistors Headphone amplifier & Preamplifier

Balanced XLR & Single Ended RCA analog inputs
Balanced XLR & Single Ended RCA analog outputs to power amplifier or active speakers
ESS Latest es9038pro flagship DAC
USB / HDMI I2S DSD Native 512,DxD and PCM 32Bit /384KHz
Lineair power supply modules, in total 10 double stage PSU groups
Headphone output :
1500 mW @ 100 ohm (per channel) 
9500mW @ 25 ohm (per channel)
Pure class A with H / L gain control
Digital settings configurable from menu front

es9038pro chip pic

  • 1. USB input. 
  • 2. HDMI I2S input
  • 3. Toslink optical SPDIF input
  • 4. RCA coaxial SPDIF input
  • 5. RCA
  • 6. XLR (balanced)


Outputs can be set to variable or fixed

  • ACSS balanced 
  • XLR balanced
  • RCA single ended
  • Headphone (4-pin) XLR balanced
  • Headphone 6,3mm jack single ended

Shortest signal path

The D-28 applies the newest ESS ES9038Pro high-end Sabre D/A chip, it can support up to 32 Bit/768 KHz input. The special Audio-GD ACSS circuit naturally works in current mode, it can transfer the ES9038Pro current signal to the output and implement the I/V conversion in current mode in one ACSS amp. This ACSS amp only have one current gain stage, the ES9038Pro output signal only goes through one stage which is very short and best signal path to deliver the clearest and detailed sound!
ACSS is a non-feedback specific Audio-GD technology, designed with fully discrete amplifiers. ACSS offers most neutral with very low distortion and high linearity. Sound will be Dynamic, detailed and neutral without being bright or harsh.

Zero Distortion Diamond Rhombus output stages

The D-28 has 4 groups of Zero distortion diamond rhombus output stage for the balanced output. Every part has been tactfully designed in such a way it can achieve zero distortion state without any adjustment. The output stages have built in 4 pairs of 15W transistor power to offer strong load capability.
It has a huge pure class A output power (1500mW at 100 ohm, max 9500mW at 25 ohm), it can drive most difficult headphones without exceeding the pure class A area.
The balanced drive mode kills the noise and distortion, which improves sound stage, reduces background noise and improves transparency.
The D28 have first-class headphone- and pre-amplifier performance

Linear Power Supplies

The D-28 uses a R-core transformer and in total 10 groups regulated power supplies distributed to digital and analog circuits separately.
There are 7 groups regulated PSU combined into double stage PSU’s, to the digital elements.
The ES9038Pro D/A chip are very sensitivity to the power noise and ripple, therefore the D-28 has two groups transistor serve PSU to power the Left and Right channel and D/A parts separately. Compared to the ultra PSU chips, the serve PSU has more than 15dB on THD and dynamics, this boost the ES9038Pro to work at its best! The Left and Right D/A parts of the power supply are fully separated and will avoid channel crossover, which makes the soundstage deeper and wider.
The D-28 analog power supply for the analog sections have 2 high speed linear discrete transistors PSU’s to provide an analogue sound.

Volume Control

The D-28 applies the I/Vth generation conversion volume control, the volume control is just a variable passive conversion being placed at the ACSS amplifier output, where the output is in current mode and not voltage mode. I/V conversion changes the volume level from the current (I) signal to the voltage (V) signal. It can keep the signal frequency band flat without losing any detail. It does not degrade the sound quality at any volume level. In front of the volume control, there are four groups of zero distortion diamond rhombus non-feedback output stages that offer very low distortion output. Four channels digital controlled, 100 steps relay-based volume control built by tolerance 0.05% resistors to avoid channel imbalance

Internal Shielding

The D-28 has built in shielded boards, to separate the transformer, power supply, digital parts and analog parts to avoid interferences. Even the power input IEC socket is copper shielded.


Download USB Amanero drivers for Windows 10
Download USB Amanero drivers for Windows 7 & 8

No drivers required for Linux and/or Mac OS
OSX 10.6+ and Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel
Microsoft Windows: KS/Wasapi/WDM/ASIO


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Gewicht: 4.9 kg
Breedte: 240 mm
Lengte: 360 mm
Hoogte: 80 mm
Magna Hifi - Webshop: Audio-GDAudio-GD


Sabre ES9038Pro
0.5 Vp-p(
19 dBm
0.7V to 5V RMS (RCA) 0.7V to 10V RMS (XLR)
USB: 44.1 - 384kHz | Coax: 44.1 - 192kHz | Optical: 44.1 - 96kHz
1.0, 1.1, 2.0 & 3.0
Windows, iOS, Linux
XLR: 10V RMS (max) | RCA: 5V RMS
19V RMS (balanced , max)
9500mW / 25 ohm 8000MW / 40 ohm 3500MW / 100 ohm 1200MW / 300 ohm 600MW / 600 ohm
W240 X L360 X H80 (Aluminium)
Remote Control
USB Cable
IEC Power Cord
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