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januari 19, 2020

We are proud to announce the new flagship dac for Holo Audio! Introducing May dac. 

no….it’s not coming out the Month of May and has nothing to do with the month of May. It’s finished now! thank you everyone for being so patient! It has been a long time working on this masterpiece. Both Level 1 and Level 2 versions of the May dac are complete! And the special Kitsune Tuned Edition is very close to being finished and will be offered in Europe by Magna Hifi!

Why did we choose this name?

MAY = “the possibility of”

This dac truly sets the bar high for all discrete dacs. The May dac is coming February of 2020! KTE May will have hand selected dac modules with EMI/RF CNC machined covers for each dac module, exclusive capacitors, and several KTE modifications. KitsuneHiFi is pushing the limits to get the most performance & sound quality possible! 

Truly all May dac’s are spectacular and we have three choices. 

For those who want to know pricing/specs: *all three models are black/copper chassis and KTE models have KTE copper emblems

Lvel 1, 2 and KTE May dac pricing and specifications will be announced soon! 

Read about AudioScienceReview’s measurements on the May dac (Level2 May) Click Here to read more information

januari 1, 2020

Audio-GD - HE7 2020 - Regenerative PSU Balanced - PCM1704 * 8 - FPGA DAC - PCM )

HE-7 2020 Singularity custom order (ONLY 10 AVAILABLE)

8 X PCM1704UK 
Regenerative power supply
Accusilicon FEMTO clocks
Isolated usb inteface
Parellel data processing

augustus 10, 2019

Audio-GD R2R Ladder DAC Magna Upgrade

This upgrade has been developed in conjunction with Art Speak who has 30 years of experience in this area . Because we have gained a lot of experience with the Mano streamer, we had certain ideas about how things could be improved and sound better. AND IT DOES!

€ 80
€ 66 excl. BTW

oktober 20, 2019

Audio-GD NEW 2020 Firmware's available!

New firmware's available for following models: R1(R2R1), R7 (R2R7, Optical on IN4 models), R7HE, R8HE ,R28. R8 and R27
For R8 and R27 please note: shipped after 1st. Aug.2019 or in case before one wire needs adjustment for HDMI I2S).

Improvements and new Features:
1, The FPGA process data upgrade to parallel mode.
2, 2nd generation SPDIF decoder design
3, New configuration clock management
4, DSD asynchronous clock technology
5, New DoP support on spdif inputs (DSD over PCM)
6, Silent switching between DSD/PCM tracks


Please send us an email to receive the latest firmware for your device!

juli 25, 2019

Audio-GD - R8HE - Regenerative PSU Balanced R2R Ladder DAC

The R8 R-2R ladder DAC is well received in the market, therefore Audio-GD decided to  build the superlative of this model: R8HE. All R2R DACS including the new R8HE benefit the improved user experience: All functions are available from front-panel. (Jumper-less device) Enjoy your music! 

€ 2.789
€ 2.305 excl. BTW

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