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januari 14, 2018

New: Holo Audio Cyan

The newest Holo Audio offering is the Cyan Dac/Amp. Holo and Magna Hifi are offering you the best performance and price ratio of any product on the market. We are pleased with the Cyan and its performance. The Cyan is offered in 2 different model options: PCM or DSD. Both can play DSD and PCM without any problem. The PCM version will convert DSD to PCM while the native DSD version will convert PCM to pure DSD. The PCM version offering includes both balanced preamp and balanced headphone amp It’s a true balanced discrete resistor ladder dac. 

januari 14, 2018

Audio-GD R2R-7 Review - Blue Moon Awarded!

Then new flagship of Audio-GD R2R7 with R-2R conversion modules s constructed with high precision resistors and more important unique ultra fast correction technology. Audio-GD and in particular Kingwa (owner) proved again they are capable building exceptional good products! The flagship R2R 7 won itself a Blue Moon Award by Read the 6Moons review

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