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augustus 10, 2018

Matrix X-SABRE Pro (MQA) master quality audio DAC

MQA Full Decoder

Matrix Audio in partnership with MQA Ltd. created the MQA Supported X-SABRE PRO audio DAC to let you experience the abundant music details as the artists' recording room. X-SABRE Pro(MQA) is a MQA full decoder DAC which can fully decode the original MQA files without any assistance from the third party player software (MQA Core Decode). 

€ 1.895
€ 1.566 excl. BTW

juli 22, 2018

Audio-GD R2R Firmware V2 Release

Audio-GD released for its R2R products (R2R1; R2R7 and R2R7HE) updated firmwares. The new firmwares will improve the sound in all aspects. We and other people on head-fi forum have been testing this new firmware. A great achievement by Kingwa owner of Audio-GD! Please contact us if you would like your R2R DAC updated. We provide manual; download link and new firmwares on request. Enjoy listening!

juni 13, 2018

 Audio-GD - R28 - Balanced R2R Ladder FPGA DAC / Pre- Headphone Amplifier

The R-2R products are well received in the market and today Audio-GD released the first R2R pre- and headphone amplifier with integrated R2R ladder DAC. The R28 supports PCM and native DSD on all USB and I2S inputs. Audio-GD has designed and produces a new proprietary R2R architecture surpasses the performance of the original ladder DAC design. The performance of  the R28 is great, immediately you’ll notice the beauty of the voices and the lack of harshness! 

€ 1.299
€ 1.074 excl. BTW

juni 30, 2018

Audio-GD A1 - Balanced Power Amplifier

Audio-GD released a true balanced bridged output power amplifier.  Signature “Audio-GD Current Signal System“ (ACSS) technology. ACSS technology operates in “Current” domain which offers the least colored, most detailed and neutral sound.  This amplifier matches perfectly with R2R1 or NFB28 and the new R28! Now Available.

€ 1.149
€ 950 excl. BTW

mei 20, 2018

Audio-GD NFB11.38 SABRE ES9038 Pro Headphone/preamp DAC Release

The NFB11.38 with Sabre ES9038 Pro chip is the superlative of the beloved NFB11.28 based on the ES9028 dac chip. The NFB11.38 will be limited available; only 100 units will be produced. Take a look! Audio-GD - NFB 11.38 TCXO 2018 (Headphone Amp ES9038 Amanero USB DAC) - LIMITED EDITION 

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