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december 26, 2018

HiFiMAN Arya Planar Headphones

HiFi Man Arya Planar Headphones is the culmination of HifiMan's work developing the Industry leading HE1000v2 and the magnet structure used in Ananda and Sundara’s driver technology. 

€ 1.595
€ 1.318 excl. BTW

december 6, 2018

Holo Audio - Spring II R2R DAC

Finally, it took a while but it is worth waiting for the new Holo Audio Spring II R2R DAC!   WORLD FIRST SUPPORT DSD1024 / PCM1.536M R2R. The new dac has many improvements and we now sell the “Kitsune Tuned Edition”– KTE Spring 2 DAC – “Kitsune Tuned Edition” (Green Label “99.99% Silver” O-Type transformer) aka Level3.

november 26, 2018

Audio-GD R2R11 2019 Release

R2R 11 2019 version
Since 28 Oct. 2018 the R2R11 has been updated to reduce the DSD out of band noise. A new digital filter has been applied for DSD playback. The updated R2R11 model  DSD background noise level is now similar to the OS/NOS units, although the R2R 11 is a NOS only design.

november 26, 2018

Audio-GD V3 firmware released!

Audio-GD new firmware version 3 now available!

Firmware V3 can be applied to the following models:
R2R7, R2R7HE, Master 7 Singularity, Master 11 Singularity, HE7 Singularity and the R28 shipped before 7th Nov.

New V3 version includes both a "smooth" and "accurate" firmware release. Smooth is the standard and most used firmware.
The dual firmware version relesae is available for models:
R1, R28, R7, R7HE ,R2R 7, R2R 7HE, Master 7 Singularity, Master 11 Singularity and the HE7 Singularity.

Contact us for the manual and download location. Magna Hifi

november 2, 2018

Upgrade to Audio-GD R7 & R7HE

The new models have been enthusiastically received by customers and that's why we have decided to offer Magna Hifi customers with an R2R7 or R2R7HE an upgrade to the latest R7 or R7HE versions. Especially the menu-driven settings is everyone's enthusiasm! Contact us if you are interested in an upgrade.

€ 119
€ 98 excl. BTW

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