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mei 26, 2019

Audio-GD - HE1 Vacuum Valve Regenerative PSU Preamplifier

This tube preamplifier with Regenerative PSU design is unique! Its sound is pure not only because of the regenerative power supply but also due to its thought out design. The preamplifier is designed around vacuum valves, resistors and SOLEN film capacitors. That’s it! No concessions or compromises. Only the best is good enough.

€ 2.549
€ 2.107 excl. BTW

april 1, 2019

Hifi Advice APRIL 2019         "I think that the R8 DAC is the star of the show, sounding very nearly as good as the Aqua Formula xHD DAC which given its low price is an amazing achievement. But don’t assume that the Master 1 preamp and Master 3 power amp are mere bystanders. This pre-power pair also offers extremely good value for money, delivering a combination of transparency, neutrality, and even-handedness that is normally impossible in this price class."

maart 1, 2019

Audio-GD - MASTER 1 Vacuum Valve Single Ended preamplifier

We have no intention of a discussion about vacuum tube versus solid state. But we know a quality build when we see and listen to the Master 1 Vacuum Valve preamplifier we certainly know it sounds good!

€ 1.799
€ 1.487 excl. BTW

maart 22, 2019

Audio-GD - Accusilicon 318B Femto Clock Upgrade

As of today we offer the Accusilicon 318B clock upgrades for Audio-GD DAC's. This new upgrade is optionally and can be ordered direclty with your purchase or you can order separately as upgrade when you already have an Audio-GD DAC. There are 2 versions available; one for Sabre DAC's and one for R-2R or PCM1704 Singularity DAC's. Please contact us in case of any question.

februari 27, 2019

Audio-GD - R28 2019 Model

The new R28 2019 model benefit the improved user experience: All functions are available from front-panel. (Jumper-less device). 

€ 1.299
€ 1.074 excl. BTW

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