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dimanche, octobre 20, 2019

Audio-GD NEW 2020 Firmware's available!

New firmware's available for following models: R1(R2R1), R7 (R2R7, Optical on IN4 models), R7HE, R8HE ,R28. R8 and R27
For R8 and R27 please note: shipped after 1st. Aug.2019 or in case before one wire needs adjustment for HDMI I2S).

Improvements and new Features:
1, The FPGA process data upgrade to parallel mode.
2, 2nd generation SPDIF decoder design
3, New configuration clock management
4, DSD asynchronous clock technology
5, New DoP support on spdif inputs (DSD over PCM)
6, Silent switching between DSD/PCM tracks


Please send us an email to receive the latest firmware for your device!

samedi, août 10, 2019

Audio-GD R2R Ladder DAC Magna Upgrade

This upgrade has been developed in conjunction with Art Speak who has 30 years of experience in this area . Because we have gained a lot of experience with the Mano streamer, we had certain ideas about how things could be improved and sound better. AND IT DOES!

€ 80
€ 66 Hors Taxes

jeudi, juillet 25, 2019

Audio-GD - R8HE - Regenerative PSU Balanced R2R Ladder DAC

The R8 R-2R ladder DAC is well received in the market, therefore Audio-GD decided to  build the superlative of this model: R8HE. All R2R DACS including the new R8HE benefit the improved user experience: All functions are available from front-panel. (Jumper-less device) Enjoy your music! 

€ 2,889
€ 2,388 Hors Taxes

dimanche, mai 26, 2019

Audio-GD - HE1 Vacuum Valve Regenerative PSU Preamplifier

This tube preamplifier with Regenerative PSU design is unique! Its sound is pure not only because of the regenerative power supply but also due to its thought out design. The preamplifier is designed around vacuum valves, resistors and SOLEN film capacitors. That’s it! No concessions or compromises. Only the best is good enough.

€ 2,549
€ 2,107 Hors Taxes

lundi, avril 01, 2019

Hifi Advice APRIL 2019         "I think that the R8 DAC is the star of the show, sounding very nearly as good as the Aqua Formula xHD DAC which given its low price is an amazing achievement. But don’t assume that the Master 1 preamp and Master 3 power amp are mere bystanders. This pre-power pair also offers extremely good value for money, delivering a combination of transparency, neutrality, and even-handedness that is normally impossible in this price class."

vendredi, mars 22, 2019

Audio-GD - Accusilicon 318B Femto Clock Upgrade

As of today we offer the Accusilicon 318B clock upgrades for Audio-GD DAC's. This new upgrade is optionally and can be ordered direclty with your purchase or you can order separately as upgrade when you already have an Audio-GD DAC. There are 2 versions available; one for Sabre DAC's and one for R-2R or PCM1704 Singularity DAC's. Please contact us in case of any question.

vendredi, mars 01, 2019

Audio-GD - MASTER 1 Vacuum Valve Single Ended preamplifier

We have no intention of a discussion about vacuum tube versus solid state. But we know a quality build when we see and listen to the Master 1 Vacuum Valve preamplifier we certainly know it sounds good!

€ 1,799
€ 1,487 Hors Taxes

mercredi, février 27, 2019

Audio-GD - R28 2019 Model

The new R28 2019 model benefit the improved user experience: All functions are available from front-panel. (Jumper-less device). 

€ 1,299
€ 1,074 Hors Taxes

mercredi, décembre 26, 2018

HiFiMAN Arya Planar Headphones

HiFi Man Arya Planar Headphones is the culmination of HifiMan's work developing the Industry leading HE1000v2 and the magnet structure used in Ananda and Sundara’s driver technology. 

€ 1,599
€ 1,321 Hors Taxes

jeudi, décembre 06, 2018

Holo Audio - Spring II R2R DAC

Finally, it took a while but it is worth waiting for the new Holo Audio Spring II R2R DAC!   WORLD FIRST SUPPORT DSD1024 / PCM1.536M R2R. The new dac has many improvements and we now sell the “Kitsune Tuned Edition”– KTE Spring 2 DAC – “Kitsune Tuned Edition” (Green Label “99.99% Silver” O-Type transformer) aka Level3.

lundi, novembre 26, 2018

Audio-GD R2R11 2019 Release

R2R 11 2019 version
Since 28 Oct. 2018 the R2R11 has been updated to reduce the DSD out of band noise. A new digital filter has been applied for DSD playback. The updated R2R11 model  DSD background noise level is now similar to the OS/NOS units, although the R2R 11 is a NOS only design.

lundi, novembre 26, 2018

Audio-GD V3 firmware released!

Audio-GD new firmware version 3 now available!

Firmware V3 can be applied to the following models:
R2R7, R2R7HE, Master 7 Singularity, Master 11 Singularity, HE7 Singularity and the R28 shipped before 7th Nov.

New V3 version includes both a "smooth" and "accurate" firmware release. Smooth is the standard and most used firmware.
The dual firmware version relesae is available for models:
R1, R28, R7, R7HE ,R2R 7, R2R 7HE, Master 7 Singularity, Master 11 Singularity and the HE7 Singularity.

Contact us for the manual and download location. Magna Hifi

vendredi, novembre 02, 2018

Upgrade to Audio-GD R7 & R7HE

The new models have been enthusiastically received by customers and that's why we have decided to offer Magna Hifi customers with an R2R7 or R2R7HE an upgrade to the latest R7 or R7HE versions. Especially the menu-driven settings is everyone's enthusiasm! Contact us if you are interested in an upgrade.

€ 119
€ 98 Hors Taxes

jeudi, septembre 27, 2018

Holo Audio – Azure – Discrete 8 amp module headphone amplifier

Azure is just an amp. So by function, it’s nothing particularly special at first glance. Just an headphone amp + pre-amp. Right? However, the key for Azure is the full discrete amp modules. There are 8 of them inside the Azure. 4 channels to be a fully balanced amp. And each channel has 2 discrete amp, one for buffering and one to amplify. Jeff Zhu has put tremendous amounts of time to develop this amp and has researched a way to get more detail and natural sound from a discrete transistor based amplifier. This is more comparable to tube sound however with better detail retrieval.

€ 1,599
€ 1,321 Hors Taxes

mardi, septembre 25, 2018


While the new R8 R-2R ladder DAC was introduced by Audio-GD, the R7 and R7HE were not unexpected. We are very fortune with those 2 new releases. The R(2R)7 already got the prestigious Blue Moon Award.  The new R7 and R7HE benefit the improved user experience: All functions are available from front-panel. (Jumper-less device) and secondly the micro-usb at the back to easily install future firmwares including new features and improvements. Enjoy your music! 

€ 2,639
€ 2,181 Hors Taxes
€ 3,647
€ 3,014 Hors Taxes

mercredi, septembre 12, 2018


Audio-GD released its new D27 Dual ES9038 Pro headphone and pre-amplifier today! It's based on the great D77 dual es9038 Pro dac. It has a fully programmable menu which makes jumpers unnecessary

€ 1,849
€ 1,528 Hors Taxes

samedi, août 25, 2018


We are enthousiastic to announce the new R1-2R ladder DAC from Audio-GD!  This new R-2R DAC is a direct derivative of the well received R2R1 ladder DAC. What makes this R1 special is the improved user experience: All functions are available from front-panel. (Jumper-less device) : Enjoy your music as never before! 

€ 968
€ 800 Hors Taxes

mardi, août 14, 2018


We are delighted to announce the new R8 R-2R ladder DAC from Audio-GD!  This new R-2R DAC is a direct derivative of the well received - Blue Moon Awarded - R2R 7 ladder DAC. What makes this R8 special is the improved user experience: All functions are available from front-panel. (Jumper-less device) and secondly the optimized production,less handwork required means a exceptional price! We say: Enjoy your music! 

€ 1,649
€ 1,363 Hors Taxes

vendredi, août 10, 2018

Matrix X-SABRE Pro (MQA) master quality audio DAC

MQA Full Decoder

Matrix Audio in partnership with MQA Ltd. created the MQA Supported X-SABRE PRO audio DAC to let you experience the abundant music details as the artists' recording room. X-SABRE Pro(MQA) is a MQA full decoder DAC which can fully decode the original MQA files without any assistance from the third party player software (MQA Core Decode). 

€ 1,895
€ 1,566 Hors Taxes

dimanche, juillet 22, 2018

Audio-GD R2R Firmware V2 Release

Audio-GD released for its R2R products (R2R1; R2R7 and R2R7HE) updated firmwares. The new firmwares will improve the sound in all aspects. We and other people on head-fi forum have been testing this new firmware. A great achievement by Kingwa owner of Audio-GD! Please contact us if you would like your R2R DAC updated. We provide manual; download link and new firmwares on request. Enjoy listening!

samedi, juin 30, 2018

Audio-GD A1 - Balanced Power Amplifier

Audio-GD released a true balanced bridged output power amplifier.  Signature “Audio-GD Current Signal System“ (ACSS) technology. ACSS technology operates in “Current” domain which offers the least colored, most detailed and neutral sound.  This amplifier matches perfectly with R2R1 or NFB28 and the new R28! Now Available.

€ 1,149
€ 950 Hors Taxes

mercredi, juin 13, 2018

 Audio-GD - R28 - Balanced R2R Ladder FPGA DAC / Pre- Headphone Amplifier

The R-2R products are well received in the market and today Audio-GD released the first R2R pre- and headphone amplifier with integrated R2R ladder DAC. The R28 supports PCM and native DSD on all USB and I2S inputs. Audio-GD has designed and produces a new proprietary R2R architecture surpasses the performance of the original ladder DAC design. The performance of  the R28 is great, immediately you’ll notice the beauty of the voices and the lack of harshness! 

€ 1,299
€ 1,074 Hors Taxes

dimanche, mai 20, 2018

Audio-GD NFB11.38 SABRE ES9038 Pro Headphone/preamp DAC Release

The NFB11.38 with Sabre ES9038 Pro chip is the superlative of the beloved NFB11.28 based on the ES9028 dac chip. The NFB11.38 will be limited available; only 100 units will be produced. Take a look! Audio-GD - NFB 11.38 TCXO 2018 (Headphone Amp ES9038 Amanero USB DAC) - LIMITED EDITION 

samedi, mai 12, 2018

Audio-GD D77 Dual ES9038 Pro & FPGA D/A Converter Release

After the great success the NFB7.77 and NFB27.77 Audio-GD now has a mid-range product DAC with the best chip available on the market and FPGA for digital signal processing! Find out more Audio-GD - D77.38 (Balanced DUAL ES9038Pro+FPGA Amanero USB DAC)

jeudi, avril 19, 2018

Audio-GD R2R7 and R2R7HE firmware update

The update concerns the removal of the "pop" sound while switching between samle rates. Only when switching between PCM and DSD a soft click is noticable still. Switching between PCM and different sample rates is completey silent.

The firmware update is not based on a traditional mute design; no degrade of sound quality; sound quality is not impacted at all. The update improves the user experience.

All Audio-GD R2R7 & R2R7HE units shipped after 28th of March 2018 have this update inlcuded .

mardi, avril 10, 2018

Audio-GD R2R11 updated release

The update concerns the removal of the "pop" sound while switching between samle rates via USB input. Only when switching between PCM and DSD a soft click is noticable still. Switching between PCM and different sample rates is completey silent.

The firmware update is not based on a traditional mute design; no degrade of sound quality; sound quality is not impacted at all. The update is only to improve the user experience.

All Audio-GD R2R11 units shipped since 28th of March 2018 have a updated firmware .

samedi, mars 03, 2018

New! Singxer - DAC SDA1 - AKM AK4118 - XMOS USB - DSD512

New from Singxer a AKM based DAC. The SDA-1 is an high-performance DAC that has been developed by Singxer and took more than two years. It uses XMOS latest xCORE-200 series chip for USB Audio, the AKM AK4118 third-generation flagship DAC as the main chip to conver digital to analog. Competitive new product!

mercredi, février 14, 2018

Audio-GD USB upgrade for R2R7, NFB7.77 & NFB27.77

New separate pure class A PSU power supply for Amanero & Singxer F1 USB modules. While isolated USB interfaces usually take the power supply from its (noisy) source. This also allows users to us any source (e.g. smartphone) and not only sources providng the 5V power. .The new PSU pure class-A board will boost the USB sound qualiyt even with less good (powered) sources.

vendredi, février 09, 2018

Mano ULTRA Music Streamer - NEW!

Mano ULTRA version has further optimized re-clocking circuit; improved clock stability and further tuned power supply. Furutech and S3 Supreme power upgrades are standard with this version. The sound quality of the Mano ULTRA compared to the "standard" Mano is more refined sound and high frequencies have softer edges; giving it a even more natural touch. Mano ULTRA gives you an Ultra nice music experience!

dimanche, janvier 21, 2018

Holo Audio Cyan - REVIEW (Hifi Advice)

The Cyan promises discrete multibit NOS sound at a very friendly price in a great looking package. While not all discrete multibit DACs are equal, the Cyan delivers all the pure, unfiltered sound that is expected from NOS DACs while managing to not impose any character on top, outside of an occasionally forward upper midrange. Cyan is a spritely and dynamic performer that relays all the excitement that is in the recordings.  Full Story

dimanche, janvier 14, 2018

USB Singxer F1 Option For Audio-GD

MAGNA HIFI is offering a significant upgrade of the internal USB interface by replacing the Amanero USB interface for a more sophisticated Singxer F-1 XU208 board using the Crystek CCHD-575 ultra low phase noise clocks. Besides the sound quality improvements it enables native DSD512 support! We'll make sure the Singxer F-1 is properly installed and using internal ultra clean power source from the internal DAC to ensure best sound quality! (Available for R2R7; R2R7HE; NFB7.77; others on request)

lundi, décembre 11, 2017

Audio-GD USB Amanero isolator update

Audio-GD DAC models now features galvanic USB isolation. The following products have this option by default:
R2R 7, Master 7, Master 11, NFB-7.77, NFB-27.77. The following products will be optional available: R2R 1, R2R 2, NFB-1, NFB-28 and NFB-29. Existing products have the ability to upgrade tthe Amanero interface. 

mercredi, novembre 15, 2017

New: Singxer SU-1 MagnaFied Edition

Singxer SU-1  MagnaFied Edition w/ upgraded Low ESR 4400uF Nichicon Gold series caps, Wima Film caps and ultra high performance low noise discrete (Tentlabs) Shunt regulators for 3.3V and for 5V a new board with Ultralow Noise, Ultrahigh PSRR RF Linear LT3042 regulator. Noise: 0.8µVRMS (10Hz to 100kHz).Each unit is upgraded by Magna Hifi and tested 24 hours before returning to the customer.

mardi, novembre 14, 2017

New: Holo Audio Cyan

The newest Holo Audio offering is the Cyan Dac/Amp. Holo and Magna Hifi are offering you the best performance and price ratio of any product on the market. We are pleased with the Cyan and its performance. The Cyan is offered in 2 different model options: PCM or DSD. Both can play DSD and PCM without any problem. The PCM version will convert DSD to PCM while the native DSD version will convert PCM to pure DSD. The PCM version offering includes both balanced preamp and balanced headphone amp It’s a true balanced discrete resistor ladder dac. 

jeudi, novembre 09, 2017

Audio-GD R2R-7 Review - Blue Moon Awarded!

Then new flagship of Audio-GD R2R7 with R-2R conversion modules s constructed with high precision resistors and more important unique ultra fast correction technology. Audio-GD and in particular Kingwa (owner) proved again they are capable building exceptional good products! The flagship R2R 7 won itself a Blue Moon Award by 6moons.com. Read the 6Moons review

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