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Xanadu HRS80 (Bass reflex)

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Xanadu HRS80 (Bass reflex)

The Xanadu HRS80 is the latest generation in the top segment. Within a modestly sized housed a full four-way system. As with large Xanadu models here used the gorgeous ceramic midrange combined with Air Motion Transformers for the high.

Also at the rear is a tweeter mounted the same spectrum displays as the front AMT (tweeter) but weakened its own x-over and about 12dB. The woofer is a known from the Xanadu 17 series and has properties which fit perfectly with the midrange. As often mentioned by us, mass is the enemy of good representation. The woofer diaphragm has a large but low mass and are able to make large linear results to what is necessary for the foundation and natural dynamics.

Hearing experience

Speakers as the HRS17KA are intended for listeners who want to get very involved in the music, you will be dragged into it as defining listeners. greatly appreciated the very high natural definition and spatial perception. Articulation is gorgeous, even in complex passages are tools to track individual item. Intelligibility is striking, you do not have to bother to follow texts.

The music comes alive. The sound is as you'd expect from Xanadu, bright, open, deep bass without exaggeration. An example bass party's life, wood, strings, hand or bow, of course, and tight.

Sometimes scare you as if the pianist proves that his wing really is a percussion instrument. That to me personally still the magic of really good audio where you startle one time and the other time your breath should include when you experience how "fragile" can be a lot sometimes (Mahler 2 / Urlicht example) Susanne and hey magical orchestra "hallelujah" and the tip of the month: Dieter Ilg, Mein Beethoven, bass, piano, drums ... .a must have.

With proper source control, because they are very critical, it is a party. You do not expect much energy and convenience of a small size speaker. Although we now think that only high-resolution audio files prerequisite for good music experience, we advise you to listen to your valuable CD or vinyl collection and perceive how much beauty it is hidden. You also need something to do, carefully choose your set and drawing in the listening room, but most sales come home and we ensure the best possible result within your acoustic environment.

Magna Hifi highly recommends the Master 10 integrated or Master 2 mono or 3 stereo power amplifiers.  Those amplifiers matches very well with Xanadu and have sufficient power and control to drive them!

To give you an impression of what we mean by good control our demonstration set will look like below, but it can also be your own similar or better quality set!
Audio-GD Master 10 or ASR Emitter integrated amplifier
Audio-GD Master 7 or NOS 7 DAC
– Sonos Connect Ultimo or Mano Music streamer
– Audiomaat Cabling
– Xanadu HRS17KA.


This is the material from which the membrane of the midrange is formed. Ceramics is very light and stiff, perfect.

You have to know how to use this kind of drivers must be forgiving because they are certainly not !. If they are installed correctly, filtered and controlled (!), They are unmatchable in definition and naturalness. The same applies to the magisterial Air Motion Transformers or the tweeter. These have a nearly massless membrane which is folded in the shape of a harmonica. The control using a Neodymium magnet which is so strong that the weight of the film is negligible compared to the drive, if you apply your 2000 hp 600 kilo car.

2 AMT tweeters:

That is not always necessary to loudspeakers and dependent on a number of issues which go too far to explain here. Therefore, we apply not always standard. In this version of the HRS17 this setup has a clear added value in order to keep the energy balance between mid-high perfect balance.

The HRS17 Ceramics AMT is waiting for you for demonstration. Please feel free to contact us for options and information!

 Specificaties HRS17 Keramiek-AMT  
 Systeem 4-weg
Afmeting HxBxD incl. voetplaat 92×30,5×18,5cm
Soundcare  hoogte +- 2,5cm
Bas 221 mm (*1)
Midrange 160 mm keramiek
Tweeter voorzijde 104 mm AMT
Tweeter achterzijde 104 mm AMT
Filter 4-weg
Aansluiting Bi-wired-amping
Frequentiebereik in woonkameropstelling  ca 35 Hz…22kHz
 Impedantie  5 ohm
Rendement  ca 88 dB/W/m
Belastbaarheid  Voldoende voor woonkamer (*2)

(*1) The HRS17KA is a bass reflex system with a deep Xanadu alignment, so no exaggerated and artificially low.
(*2) Power handling for living room use and very loud volume.

URL du fabricant : http://xanaduspeakers.nl/hrs17/xanadu-hrs17-keramiek-amt/
Poids: 50 kg
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