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HRS20SE Ceramic

The HRS20SE ceramic is a tyrant in small case and will do well in the smaller room with limited installation options.

The speakers meets the highest requirements in terms of materials, workmanship and sound.

The HRS20SE ceramic can be controlled with any high-performance unit. The set should be placed on solid stands of 70 and 80 cm height.

The tweeter  at ear level guarantee the maximum resolution (= cylindrical radiation). The radiation width is enormous and equivalent to or greater than the average dome tweeter. Ear height is important in width you are place-much less.

Safety: you realize for purchase that children and pets do not get the chance to leave the cabinet of the state fall with 

all its consequences. They are very heavy cabinets.


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  HRS20SE Keramiek (2016)
Afmetingen (HxBxD)
 30 mm mdf + interne ribben
Luidsprekers Bas/mid: 18 cm keramiek
  bandtweeter: 22cm ( op enkele details na gelijk aan de HRS100 tweeter)
  Passieve radiator: 22 cm passief menbraan
Aansluiting  bi-wire WBT
Frequentiebereik 37 Hz….22 kHz
Impedantie  6 Ohm.  Correctie voor buizenvesterkers optioneel
Rendement 87dB/W/m
Belastbaardheid afhankelijk van frequentie, tijdsduur, kwaliteit versterker. zie techniek
Afwerking hoogglans of zijdeglans lakken. Parelmoerlak (Xanadu wit) optioneel.

Xanadu: aan genoemde inhoud kunnen geen rechten worden ontleend, wijzigingen voorbehouden

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Weight: 40 kg
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