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Xanadu AW14 / HRS14

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Xanadu AW14 & HRS14

These two models are followed by its successful predecessor DS14 which was presented in 1991 to the press.

Its success is partly due to the relatively small housing and the Xanadu Hybrid Tube developed in-house by Xanadu. A unique concept that produces only the desired benefits under certain conditions. Hybrid tube is a kind of audible transformer, like a transformer or an earpiece. The alignment is extremely critical and each set for delivery is subjected to an extensive test program. Everything according to our requirements, as evidenced by the large group, the system will operate flawlessly for many years, users who are on the 1st generation DS14 and still enjoy. A transition to the new generation for these people are a very useful upgrade and maintain the beautiful open nature, uncolored bass and smooth integration into the living room.

A AW14-2 or HRS14f2d is designed for living apply to normal until quite loud playback. It's a speaker that all kinds of good music shows with incredible transparency is now once Xanadu own. The bass of Xanadu Hybrid tube is rich and full of definition but will never “boom” or “drone”. For hardrock live on strength is a 14 series not intended although concentrated on the ears spicy listening volume many a rock fan. A DS14 or HRS14-F2D is versatile and if used wisely, especially useful in the better home cinema systems. Then enjoy the 3D sound hurry and do not expect belly shaking layer by walking dinosaurs. That is the domain of the subwoofers.

Our customer base has a remarkable number of enthusiasts who know how to live music in a concert hall sound and appreciate the neutrality of the Xanadu speakers and said AW14- HRS14f2d. Do not expect concert display in your living room but a scaling thereof. If the proportions are correct, we experience it as realism. Xanadu speaker neve tempted to give a "tan" like extra low, mid or high volume, neutral over the whole frequency range.

What are the differences?

Xanadu is deliverable in 2 up to 3 models. Sometimes it's just as a character difference between two almost identical systems priced and just the dots on the “I”. This is possible by making use of even better components and drivers. The differences are not dramatic in size and thus we avoid one of the two or three models. They are always of a high standard only one with just natural openness and self-evident than others with obviously an adjusted price chart. The added value will be heard as well as the driving devices and, in particular, the source material is in order, not to mention the acoustic conditions. The AW14 and HRS14f2s both are of the same ribbon tweeter because they are optimized to their place in this system. The HRS14-F2D has a driver which the membrane is made of ultra-light yet highly rigid magnesium. We also like, low mass and high stiffness. The HRS14-F2D has the same internal cabling as AW14-2 but is redundant and build something else. The filter components and the method of application and installation make some extra profit, read literally "less loss." Therefore, the HRS14-F2D responds better to the signal and follow it more precisely. The entrance is suitable for simple connection, no bi-wiring or bi-amping because we do not deem appropriate but bi-wire in this configuration without more if you still want. We assemble the HRS14f2d WBT pure copper parts of the last generation carry a perk to the whole. The AW14-2 is a masterful display unit for all kinds of music, virtually the same character as the HRS14-F2D but slightly less with

the loupe on the score, a statement that you encounter frequently in our texts.

Reproduction and arrangement:

The Xanadu AW or HRS14-f2 models draw up relatively easily in a normal acoustic environment. Because the bass has no exaggeration and is free of drone and booming, they may even be placed closer to a wall. Send AW-HRS14f2d always with good amplifiers and source material, cables in this price range which justified and makes sense. Detached gives a more open and deeper stage but the bass usually depends on the relative position of the rear etc. On paper, let your acoustics not hear them and a tip is that you can experiment before, beginning with increments of one cm. or 20 inside, outside, backwards and forwards to be surprised about the differences. The triangle formation as conceived in the time of surround sound has never lost its value.

Vacuum valve amplifiers? Yes, no problem, any well-designed amplifier has no difficulty with the speaker. Impedance Correction for pipes is not necessary in these versions because the load is virtually constant.

Other Controls: Standard is a switch on the back that allows the treble within approximately 2dB is adjustable from 3 kHz.


That's for the human ear, it is a very sensitive area where small differences are apparent. Sometimes the acoustics or control or source material even louder in the high, neutral or simply want something lower. Then the switch is meaningful without the tonal balance is disturbed negative. It is a small step.

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    AW14 HRS14-f2d
Systeem   2-weg 2-weg
    Xanadu Hybride Tube Xanadu Hybride Tube
Afmetingen HxBxD incl. voetplaat in cm 92×30,5×18,5 90×30,5×18,5
Luidsprekers Bas 15 cm. alu membraan ext. x-max*1 15 cm. alu membraan ext. x-max*1
  Tweeter 110mm bandtweeter matched pair 110mm bandtweeter matched pair
Filter Xanadu 2e/4e orde Topklasse High-end klasse
Bekabeling Twisted Copper ofc ofc dubbel uitgevoerd
Aansluiting Bi-wired – enkelvoudig messing verguld  
Frequentiebereik -3dB nearfield/bas 47Hz..25kHz 46Hz..25kHz
Impedantie Zeer vlakke curve 6 Ohm / Z-min 5.3 Ohm 6 Ohm/Z-min 4.9 Ohm
Rendement 2.83 V/W/M  1kHz 86.5db 85.8db
Belastbaardheid*2 Voldoende voor woonkamer    
Optioneel Regelbaar volume >3kHz +- 2dB standaard
Uitvoeringen Lak in satijn of hoogglans

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*1 greater dynamic range in bass large max. rash and low distortion.
*2 depending on length of time / frequency /

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Weight: 40 kg
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