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Singxer F1 – Digital Interface– SPDIF RCA XU208

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Singxer F1 – Aluminum cover case (enclosure)
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Singxer F1 – Digital Interface– SPDIF RCA XU208

F-1 digital interface module, the whole network starting. The first use of the second generation XMOS chip developed high-XU208 USB interface, support firmware upgrade. Self-developed schematics and firmware (including XMOS and CPLD), non-reference design.

The reason why Singxer F-1 is so great is that it primarily uses some of the following TECHNOLOGY :

1. full isolation technology, 150Mbps full-chip isolation, interference can be completely isolated from the PC;

2. source synchronous shaping technology and CPLD technology, I2S signal isolation after the re-shaping; thus eliminating the isolation chip to bring added jitter;

3. the independent development of the system clock, using femtosecond CRYSTEK custom clock, ultra-low phase noise, low jitter.

F-1 digital interface of our team to develop a high-performance USB digital audio interface, using the XMOS latest xCORE-200 series chips. F-1 is the rare use of ultra- low-jitter femtosecond clock digital system interface. F-1 digital interface using standard USB2.0 input interface, while F-1 has a wealth of output interfaces, including coaxial RCA and I2S interfaces.


1. F-1 is the first using the XMOS latest xCORE-200 series of high-end USB digital interface products.New generation XMOS chip, using more advanced processing technology. It’s performance compared to the older U8 chip has doubled, reaching 1000MIPS processing capabilities.

2. it is known, the weight of the core is digital audio algorithms. Our team in the field of digital audio work for many years, at the same time get XMOS FAE support team, we conducted a number of technical improvements and optimization algorithms on the basis of the original firmware.


Each output interface supports sample rates:


176.4kHz, 192KHz, 352.8KHz, 384kHz

[ Wherein I2S out support full sample rate , S / PDIF supports up to 192KHz]

DSD:2.8 MHz (DSD64) – DoP, native

5.6 MHz (DSD128) – DoP, native

11.2 MHz (DSD256) – DoP,native

[ Wherein I2S out support all DSD format , S / PDIF and AES / EBU support DSD64 DOP mode ]

位宽:最高32 bit over I2S output

最高24 bit over S/PDIF

Screw position, I2S pin position is fully compatible with Italy Amanero module

The entire board with three crystal design, all are imported SMD crystal using active crystal. Wherein the audio

Crystal is CRYSTEK CCHD series customized version of the crystal.


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