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Tentlabs b-DAC

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Brand: TentlabsTentlabs

Tentlabs b-DAC mkIII

Because we selected the highly accurate oscillator of Tentlabs and are very satisfied about the quality in all aspects with the modifications we were curious about the of the shelf products of Guido Tent. We got the b-DAC on probation and are so enthusiastic about it that we'd like to present this subtle and musical Digital Analog Converter to you! 

The b-DAC is not only sonically excellent, the finishing is very nice and the features of this DAC are unique!. An advantage of the b-DAC is that it can drive a power amplifier directly, a high-precision digital volume control can be turned on/off in the menu, like many other options can be found in the menu by using. Another great feature is the the b-DAC remote control, the IR codes can be learned by using your existing remote control!




technical specifications
  • Features & specs V2.5 (current version) 

  • 1x USB input

    1x SPDIF optsich, 1x SPDIF Coax, 1x SPDIF BNC

    1x SPDIF low jitter SPDIF output

  • Balanced outputs (allows direct drive of power amp directly and eliminates the need for a pre-amplifier)

    Single ended RCA outputs (allows direct drive of power amp directly and eliminates the need for a pre-amplifier)

     Headphone output drives virtually any headphone from 8 to 600 ohms 

  • Low jitter Tentlabs clock (

  • 12 independent supply regulators, 3 shunt regulators

  • SRC4382 upsampler, selectable sample rate 

  • 24 bits 192kHz PCM1792 DAC, al inputs reclocked 
  • Staggeringly low distortion-117dB at 0dBfs (thd 0,0006%) 
  • Selectable filters and phase 
  • All functions remote controlled 
  • Striking design, includes milled aluminium front panel and stainless steel cabinet 
  • Burr-Brown PCM1792 DAC chip

  • -117dB distortion at 0dBfs (thd 0,0006%) 


Information & pricing
  • Sonos Connect ULTIMO modification & Tentlabs b-DAC is a wonderful combo! We can offer you a reduced price if you purchase this set. Contact us!





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