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SOtM - sNH-10G audio grade network switch

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sNH-10G audio grade network switch

The sNH-10G is the audio grade network switch for every network audio system. It has 8 LAN port and 2 SFP port, and the audio grade clock module, sCLK-EX, and the 10MHz master clock connector can be added optionally. 
 Because the sound quality which effected by network environment is huge, the sNH-10G became available and required on the market now days. So we developed the sNH-10G by our own technology to maximize the best sound quality for every network audio system and the technology that we applied to our LAN isolator, iSO-CAT6, is used for sNH-10G.

If the sNH-10G is a just common network switch, I can say 10G would have advantages, however, sNH-10G is able to use the sCLK-EX and 10MHz master clock signal syncronized as an option, the sNH-10G can be clearly different from the others and sounds very much superior.

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Weight: 1.7 kg
Width: 75 mm
Length: 106 mm
Height: 526 mm
Brand: SOtM AudioSOtM Audio

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