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Mano ULTRA - Music Streamer (High-Res)

€ 995 (€ 822 excl VAT)
Digital SPDIF typeInformation
Power Version
Power cable (Default IEC EURO)
LVDS HDMI Interlnk
Pink Faun - LAN Galvanic IsolatorInformation
Wireless 300Mbps USB Adapter
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Mano ULTRA Music Streamer (High-Res)

The Mano Ultra is the ultimate streaming endpoint for your high-end DAC. This version has further optimized re-clocking circuit, improved clock stability and tuned power supply. Furutech and S3 Supreme power upgrades are standard with this version.

The sound quality of the Mano ULTRA compared to the "standard" Mano is more refined sound and  high frequencies have softer edges; giving it a even more natural touch and Ultra music experience!

High-end streaming from any smartphone, tabled or PC or a laptop or whichever wireless device is at hand. This makes the listening experience much easier without compromising sound quality. The Mano Streamer is the ultimate streaming source for any DAC supporting coaxial SPDIF or supporting IIS HDMI inputs. IIS allows the DAC to derive ultra low jitter synchronous timing of the serial data that will be set up for transmission. Two femto clocks are applied for extremely detailed signal handling exact timing and low jitter thanks to these extreme accurate clocks powered by low noise (nV) discrete regulators. 
The device is powered by a discrete Class A power supply with more than 20.000uF power capacity, an high quality R-Core transformer and digital audio circuits are powered by ultra-low dsicrete noise regulator.

Please contact us for accurate lead-time for this handcrafted streamer.


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"The standard Mano already sound sublime and I could not understand how this could be futher improved. After receiving the Intense version and comparing with mine I was shocked about the improvements Magna Hifi have been able to achieve. It's all in the detail and indeed my music experience is more Intense!"


High-end top-class streaming quality with bit perfect playback.

Roon Bridge

Roon (bridge) ready image is available on request.


  • I2S HDMI - LVDS signal processing
  • RCA SPDIF - 0.5V pp @ 75Ohm
  • Optional: BNC SPDIF (OPTIONAL) - 0.5V pp @ 75Ohm
  • Supported File Types: AAC, AIF, ALAC, DIF, DSF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WV and WMA
  • DSD, DoP (DSD over PCM) and , DSD to PCM  64x, 128x, 256x
  • HDMI I2S LVDS = 44.1 Khz - 384 Khz | 16-32 bit
  • SPDIF OUT = 44.1 Khz - 192 Khz | 16-24 bit
  • Squeeze-Eco (piCore with Logitech Media Server): Any Squeeze application, iPeng for iOS, Squeeze Orange for Android 
  • Roon Remote
  • Volumio: Music Player Daemon (MPD) Apps
  • Volumio: Lumin, BubbleUpnp and other uPnP compatible control software
  • Web Browser
  • LMS (Logitech Squeezebox Server) - (Run on Mano)
  • Roon Audio ( Mano works as Roon bridge )
  • Volumio: Minimserver, Twonky, Synology Media Server Minimserver and more
  • Volumio: DLNA / UPNP compatible 
  • 1x RJ45 LAN port
  • 4x Local USB for media (USB drive and WiFi dongle)
  • 1x 230V / 110V Power
  • 1x WIFI Dongle (Optional)


Streaming services supported are:

  • Spotify (Squeeze-Eco & Volumio)
  • Spotify Connect
  • TIDAL (Squeeze-Eco & Roon)
  • Qobuz (Squeeze-Eco)
  • Deezer (Squeeze-Eco)
  • SoundCloud (Squeeze-Eco)
  • Internet Radio (All)

  • ULTRA: Isolated and shielded clock distrubution to improve clock stability.
  • ULTRA: Impoved power distrubution to Digital Audio Board / RaspberryPi
  • ULTRA: ALL capcitors replaced by WIMA versions
  • ULTRA: Power Supply Caps all NOVER Audio-Grade version
  • ULTRA: Improved Reclocking Circuit
  • ULTRA: Furutech Gold Power Inlet
  • UlTRA:  Hifituning S3 Supreme Fuse
  • Fully reclocked I2S over HDMI output PS Audio / Audio-GD / Holo Audio compatible 
  • Galvanic isolated and reclocked SPDIF output (RCA or BNC Connection)
  • 2x CRYSTEK FEMTO Clock's. FIFO Oscillators designed specifically for High Definition Audio (HD Audio). It features a typical low close-in phase noise of -100 dBc/Hz @ 10 Hz offset, and a noise floor of -169 dBc/Hz. With this extreme low phase noise performance, you will “Hear the Difference”.
  • Based on RaspberryPi providing I2S output clocked by the Femto clocks from Magna Hifi's digital board.
  • Ultra low noise Tentlabs shunt regulators for oscillators and digital audio circuit. The shunts drop in instead of commonly used industrial types of regulators. Having much lower noise, true wide bandwidth and linear output impedance, they'll bring improvement to sound in terms of:  Higher resolution, better transparency, clean low ends and increased dynamics.
  • Low noise Power supply provided without generating unwanted noise and without passing it along into the sensitive digitital signal path.
  • 2 original Toshiba 2SC5200 transistors and 20.000 uF power capacity
  • High quality R-core transformer. The R-core transformer has high isolation degree. it can improve the signal-to-noise ratio, isolate the harmonic interference, reduce the noise, make he background cleaner. R core transforer can fully improve the quality of sound.
  • Power rail for Raspberry and separated power rail for digital audio circuit
  • Fully reclocked I2S signal path with seperated data reclocking.
  • Aluminium black housing with 3mm front panel and blue led.

  • I2S is like USB asynchronous connection. Compared to standard S/PDIF where clock signal is integrated in data stream a complex process is required in the DAC to transform signal back to asynchronous.  
  • With I2S the shortest possible signal path from streamer to DAC to analogue conversion is achieved. 
  • No additional encoding and decoding steps are required. USB does require this.
  • The HDMI cable from streamer to DAC is less impacting the sonic quality and no expensive cables are required to obtain best sound quality.

The only disadvantage you could think of is I2S is not really a standard, although more and more vendors are supporting I2S as external in or output.

Why R-Core transformer?

R-core transformer has high isolation degree. it improves the signal-to-noise ratio, isolate the harmonic interference, reduce the noise, make he background cleaner. R core transformer can fully improve the quality of sound.

  • Standard HDMI 60cm cable included
  • Automute I2S signal when switching between sample rates
  • Supports volume control from application (On / Off)
  • Future software upgrades for both soft- and hardware supported


REVIEWS of standard Mano version

Hans Beekhuyzen Projects (Youtube)


Audioenzo (Dutch review)

Audioenzo - Mano & NOS (Dutch review)


"I find the mano in HDMI I2S and ACSS (mano->HE7->HE1->M2H) to sound very transparent, giving a lot of details, sounding analogue, not harsh at all. I am now finally considering of using the Mano as my main source and even getting rid of CDs and my CD transport"


Weight: 3 kg
Width: 10 cm
Length: 15 cm
Height: 5 cm
Brand: Magna HifiMagna Hifi
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