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M-WAY Power Distribution Unit - 1DW Gold - IEC Inlet (Iego 1.75m)

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M-WAY Power Distribution Unit
MWAY 9 Power Outlets
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M-WAY Power Distribution Unit - Gold - IEC Inlet (Iego 1.75m)

The M-WaY power strip allows you to listen honestly to your set. A plug block with 6 or 9 outputs and power cord. In the socket, the IEC is directly connected to the conductors with cabling of the house, there are no filters, no fuses or otherwise internally. The housing is made of aluminum. The loose power cords are all provided with plugs with copper / brass interior. The power cords are not covered with foil or braid. It does not seem to be anything special until you connect your entire set to the mains.
The power strip with power cord is phase-correct, tonally balanced, detailed, dynamic and fair. Rhythm, timing and placement are right and you can hear and feel that right away. Nothing is exaggerated, enlarged, reduced or omitted. What you spin is what you get! In other words, true to the source. If the recording is sharp or bad, you will also hear it unadulterated. That is not always desirable, of course, but it allows you to find out that it is the recording or the device. Defects in recording and / or devices can be covered with cables and filters, but that is also your intention. You often lose more than is desirable.

Place the power strip 2 WoW blocks and you have your "filter" and more. Works super.

The power strip is standard equipped with an IeGo Gold inlet. There is also a pure silver version available at an additional cost. This pure silver inlet gives an even lower noise floor and even more beauty in all areas. Recommended.

The best result is obtained with a 2DW (Double Dutch WaY) Gold with pure silver IEC or Reference powercord. 2DW cable is also used internally.
The 2DW ReF with full copper connectors or a 2DW Gold (full copper schuko & pure silver IEC) gives top results on the power strips and WOW Powerblocks. You can order them with a 15% discount. Standard length is 1.75m

See the options for more options.

Key Feature

  • Designed for high-end audio devices
  • Handmade in Holland
  • Protected 6 outlets


Power outlet
  SCHUKO type outlet : 16A/250VAC
  Optional other type outlet available
  106 x 75 x 526(mm)
   2 Kg >

Paul 22-07-2018 07:53
Some time doubted to take the step, could not listen to a demo and the Wonderwood Powerblock really went too far for me financially. Eventually Wim said if you do not like it you send him back and then you get your money back. No more risk and therefore taken the step and ordered.

Since the beginning of June in possession of a Powerstrip 9V equipped with a fixed powercord Natural Reference. Am very satisfied. First quarter really scared when it started to work but then it started to sound better and better. Soundstage has become bigger, less pointed, comes more from my speakers and now hangs much clearer between the speakers. Really a big difference, where the detail level has increased and the high and mid sounds livelier and fresher. Especially vocals are much clearer now, can now better understand / hear what is being sung.

Wim also asked which equipment I was going to use in the socket and then came back with advice on the order in which I had to plug the plugs into the power strip. Has to do with pollution. Have followed his advice but not tested if it sounds better indeed, but finds it very special that they do such a follow-up and give advice on this.

In short: a very satisfied customer and can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.

Weight: 2 kg
Width: 75 mm
Length: 106 mm
Height: 526 mm
Magna Hifi - Webshop: M-WAY InterconnectsM-WAY Interconnects

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