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audio-gd-master-2-h-frontAudio-GD - MASTER 2H -  Balanced Mono Power Amplifiers (XLR, ACSS)audio-gd-master2h-he2013audio-gd-master2h-m2h8

Audio-GD - MASTER 2H - Balanced Mono Power Amplifiers (XLR, ACSS)

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Additional Speaker Terminals (Pair)
Power cable (Default C13 EURO)
Audio-GD - ACSS Analogue balanced interlink (4P->4P XLR)
Audio-GD - Analogue XLR interlink (1m)
M-Way - ACSS NTRL Reference Analogue balanced interlink (4-PIN ACSS XLR)
M-Way - NTRL Reference Analogue balanced XLR interlink (3-PIN XLR)
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Master-2H Mono Balanced Power Amplifiers

The Master-2H is a top class power amplifier, designed without any compromises using the best components available on the market! The analogue amplifier stages of this amplifier are non-feedback and DC coupled without any opamps, all discrete. The power supplies of this amplifier are feeded by 4 transformers, 2 per channel and RCORE for preamp sections. Audio-GD uses a technique that is unique in this price range, and designed using "Diamond Cross output stages". This integrated amplifier is a real balanced ACSS solution and delivers 250W per channel @ 8 Ohm and 500W per channel @ 4 Ohm speakers. No wonder this magic amplifier sounds phenomenal!  Neutral, detailed, excellent 3D staging and authority and keeps a speaker totally in control!

Master-2H has extremely high fidelity; its SQ is neutral. It will  show how good or bad the recording is!

  • Real Balanced ACSS Integrated Power Amp
  • Applies the round-corner style chassis which has lower syntony or vibration. Between the transformers and signal amps resides a thick metal plate to avoid interference.
  • Fully balanced design, the gain stages and pre-driver stages working on class A , built by discrete analog stages without any OPA or coupling caps in the signal channels.
  • The output transistors stages work in high idle current state. The Diamond Cross output stage design avoids "switch distortion" as well as class A amps.
  • Non- feedback ACSS analogue design
  • 80 output transistors: "the King of transistors MJL4281/4302"
  • Support 250W X2 (8 Ohm) output, 500W x2 (4 Ohm)
  • The capacitance of the whole machine reaches as high as  260,000 uF, powered by four R cores transformers (Total 1500W)
  • Completely separated design, separated power supplies for the right and left channels.
  • In total 4 groups of high-quality class A parallel PSU's to power gain stages. To achieve a high S/N, the control circuit is powered with separate regulators.
  • Analog inputs:  XLR, ACSS
  • Audiophile grade components, including DALE resistors, WIMA caps, custom order NOVER (UK brand) caps, all audiophile grade input & output sockets and gold IEC socket. 
  • Static mode storage control software to avoid interrupting the sound quality , the MCU output is inactive when no user operation is active. 

  • 1. XLR

  • 2. ACSS (XLR 4-PIN )

  • Speaker Neutrik output IEC sockets.


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Weight: 39 kg
Width: 480 mm
Length: 440 mm
Height: 190 mm
Magna Hifi - Webshop: Audio-GDAudio-GD


250W @ 8ohm 500W @ 4ohm
70kg (Both)
250W (220-240V AC 50/60 Hz)
W(330) H(200) D(430) (mm, Fully aluminium )
IEC Power Cord
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