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Installing your audio system

Those who take their audio (or music) system and hobby seriously should pay attention to the power as well. 


Power to your audio system is as important as the cabling in between the components (interlinks).  A different power cable can have influence the sound experience. Before trying different power cords ensure you have installed them correctly.

Connect the phase of all power cords correctly. The most accepted explanation in the audio world is that it gives a wrong phase 'relatively large leakage current which will run as a strain on your power (distortion). 

On all Audio-GD and Tentlabs equipment shipped by us the correct phase is

To measure the phase on your power cord is not difficult:

  1. Plug your power-cord into the wall-socket and do not connect the IEC  connector.
  2. Use a voltage tester screwdriver to check on what pin the phase is. The lamp in the screwdrive on is the correct phase)

 The order of the cables may also influence the performance of your system. The most recommended order is to start powering the power amplifier (1) and preamplifier and/or DAC (2) and the least the sources (3 and up)


You could also try to use a cable without the "earth pin" connected to power your amplifier. Some claim to have better results.

There is no such best cable or only one best solution, the best recommendation from our site is to try and use our ears!





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