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Influence of Cables

You may think: An article about cables, again? Yes and therefore we want you to understand we only want to give you some recommendations finding the "best" cable for your system.

We do not have the best cable for you for sale but we do have an opinion if you are interested. 

Should I invest in expensive cables?

It is our opinion we do believe it is worth to try other cables. Other cables do not have to be expensive or better. They may just have another effect on the end result. We do believe your setup must be in balance and only little changes can be achieved with cables. A more expensive cable will not automatically result in more details or deeper bass. 

What is the best cable?

There is not such thing as "the best cable". All cables have different influence on characteristics of the sound. Yes you will find difference in good and better cables. Some cables simply allow you to emphasize how a trumpet really should sound. We do recommend some cables you can find in our webshop because we have good results using them with the systems we sell.

What is our response cables are 'snake oil'?

Simply don't try to win the discussion. One day those people may try another cable and experience a difference or they will never. So what? A wine connoisseur does not have to convince me either about a specific wine from 1975 that taste so fantastic and you really should buy. It wont work for me (Jos), I do like wine but for me good is good enough. 

How much should I spent?

This depends on your setup and how much you want to spent. We recommend to set yourself a budget and buy different cables in this price range and just try. Don't overrate cables, they may influence the end result but don't buy a cable costing twice as your DAC. 

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