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Audio-GD Product Guide

We have setup this page to guide you through the list of Audio-GD products available.

For each product range Magna Hifi has compiled example sets based on equipment that is currently available and well matched. Each set can be changed to your own taste and budget. We can and would like to help you with this.


Junior Series

Junior products offer deliver high-quality and a great personal sound experience.

Price range < 500 EURO

Key Functions & Features:

  • Headphone balanced amplifier with 6,3mm jack output
  • Preamplifier with RCA and XLR outputs
  • Digital inputs: Coax RCA; Toslink and USB


Mid-Range NFB Series

Price range 500-1500 EURO

Mid Range NFB serie products are robust and offer an excellent personal sound experience.

Key Functions & Features:

  • NFB stands for Non Feedback amplifier designs; resulting in a natural and live music representation
  • “Audio-GD Current Signal System“ (ACSS) technology. ACSS technology offers the least colored, most detailed and neutral sound. Audio-GD Current Signal System“ (ACSS) technology. ACSS technology offers the least colored, most detailed and neutral sound. It avoids the noise and distortions created from the use of multiple voltage gain stages. When you operate an ACSS system, you will hear improvements in any aspect of the sound stage to deliver best musical performance.
  • Single ended (RCA) and Balanced (XLR) products available
  • Design discrete circuitry that can handle enormous signals with astonishingly low distortion
  • Volume control. This is a fundamental difference traditional volume controls the relays are controlled by a micro delivers a better audio quality compared to ordinary potentiometers and digital volumes. 

Example Mid Range - NFB sets



Price range 1000-3000 EURO

Master series products are robust and offer exceptional sound quality 

Key Functions & Features:

  • All above!
  • First-class technology and excellent design
  • Immensely attention goes to the power supplies and power management to achieve purest sound 
  • Left and right channel completely separated for the best channel separation

Example Master series sets



Price range 2000-4000 EURO

HE series products offer unprecedented sound quality for most critical listener

Key Functions & Features:

  • All above!
  • Built-in regenerative power supply. Regenerative power will prevent unwanted signals from getting into the audio output performance. 

Example HE regenerative series sets



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