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Singxer - SU2 with SOtM SCLK-EX2MC - MagnaFied ULTRA USB Converter
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Singxer - SU2 with SOtM SCLK-EX2MC - MagnaFied ULTRA USB Convertersotm_clocked_su1_tplink_switch_010sotm_clocked_su1_tplink_switch_006magnahifi-su1-sclk_clockboard-002sotm-sclk-ex_2-1Singxer - SU2 with SOtM SCLK-EX2MC - MagnaFied ULTRA USB ConverterSingxer - SU2 with SOtM SCLK-EX2MC - MagnaFied ULTRA USB Converter

Singxer - SU2 with SOtM SCLK-EX2MC - MagnaFied ULTRA USB Converter

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SOtM - Master Clock Input
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Singxer - SU2 with SOtM SCLK-EX2MC - MagnaFied ULTRA USB Converter

ULTTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE  USB digital audio interface, using the ultimate SOtM SCLK-EX2MC clock board.


  • Wide soundstage, completely free from the speakers.
  • Better resolution with more distinction in the bass section
  • Precise definition of instruments and voices.



  • This SU2 requires 9V DC or 12 VDC INPUT
  • sCLK-EXCustom designed ultra low phase noise oscillation circuit
  • sCLK-EX Isolated differential clock signal distribution
  • sCLK-EX THREE output clocks use implemented in SU2 incluidng USB oscillator
  • Ultra low noise regulator circuit
  • External master clock input to control all internal oscillators


Digital input interface using a standard USB2.0 interface. Several output interfaces are available on this converter, including coaxial RCA and BNC output S / PDIF, XLR balanced outputs AES / EBU, and HDMI output IIS.



You may know, with countless digital audio-related data, that it is imperative that digital audio devices have clock signals.

The digital audio devices express very delicate audio signals using a digital data comprised of ‘0’s and ‘1’s, and although the digital audio devices can also transmit the audio signals to other devices, the digital audio signals have to be converted eventually to analogue signals to reach us because the digital data cannot be felt or understood by our senses. This process is called a Digital to Analog Conversion, and the digital data in this process is converted to an analogue signal in response to a signal (clock signal) where ‘0’ and ‘1’ are repeated at a predetermined time interval.

Theoretically, although a perfect clock signal must repeat ‘0’ and ‘1’ at a predetermined time interval, the perfect clock signal unfortunately does not exist in this world. All clock signals have a time error, and a more perfect analogue signal can be made when the number of errors grows fewer.

The time error, that is, the accuracy of clock is measured and managed not in the digital domain, but in the analogue domain such that the digital audio may be called a part of the analogue audio domain. A method to more easily and more clearly understand and feel the accuracy of the clock is to experience the sCLK-EX, which is a clock module of SOtM.

If you have ever experienced at least once the sound changes in an audio system incorporating an sCLK clock module, there will be no need for further deliberate explanation of what results can be obtained when the sCLK-EX clock module is used. It is on another level in terms of function and audio quality.

The sCLK-EX can be used for all digital devices that require clock signals such as a DAC, a USB host card, a CD player, a PC main board and a LAN controller. The sCLK-EX can simultaneously use four (4) clock outputs so that one single sCLK-EX board can be used for various frequencies including the system clock, LAN port clock and USB clock in your PC.

Furthermore, the device can be used synchronously with a high precision clock such as a rubidium clock by using the Master clock option.

You can easily reach a completely new sound stage with a single sCLK-EX board. You are requested to please experience a different dimensional world brought by sCLK-EK, which is an upgraded version approved by already advanced technology and sound.


  • AUDIO-GD (Supports native DSD / DoP - All switches OFF)
  • HOLO AUDIO (Supports auto detect DSD - All switches OFF)
  • PS AUDIO (Supports DSD auto detect - All switches OFF)
  • GUSTARD (Switch 3 ON and Switch 6 ON)


  • Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10; both 32/64 bit. Drivers must be installed (Included with product)
  • Native Mac-OS 10.6 and later, Drivers detected by OS
  • Native Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel. Drivers detected by OS
  • Android OS 4.2 and above. Support OTG function.


  • The SU-2 is the first domestic and the XMOS latest xCORE - 200 series of USB digital interface. A new generation of XMOS chip, using the more advanced process technology, the performance was doubled the old one U8 chip, the processing capacity of up to 1000 MIPS.
  • Used the high-speed whole isolation design, can be isolation between PC and interface of noise interference cleanly. SU-2 adopted a preeminent circuit design, using the high- speed CPLD/FPGA digital audio signal for separate after restructuring, so as to make the signal after reforming completely unaffected by isolation chip itself shaking.
  • SU-2 internal main board adopts the technology of the uniform source synchronous clock, CPLD/FPGA internal using special algorithm of clock signal and digital audio signal phase control strictly, can ensure that the digital audio signal after isolation chip will not appear extra distortion because of the time delay and phase difference.
  • One pair of Accusilicon clocks. extremely -ow phase noise crystal oscillator (less than 90dBc @ 10Hz) is intended for professional recording equipment as well as audiophile electronics. These models offer a remarkably low jitter rate measured 0.2ps on 10Hz-1MHz band and 0.071ps on 12-80MHz band.
  • It is well known that the weight of the core of the digital audio is algorithm. Singxer team are occupied in the field of digital audio for many years, at the same time we get strong support from the XMOS FAE team, we are on the basis of the original firmware had done. Many of the technical improvement and optimization algorithm.


Each output interface support the sampling rate of:

  • 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz, 88.2 KHz, 96 KHz, 176.4 KHz, 192 KHz, 352.8 KHz, 384KHz, 768kHz
    [theI2S out and WCLK out support all sampling rate, S/PDIF and AES/EBU highest support 192 KHZ]


  • 2.8 MHz (DSD64) – DoP, native
  • 5.6 MHz (DSD128) - DoP, native
  • 11.2 MHz (DSD256) - DoP, native
  • 22.4 Mhz (DSD512) - native
  • 44.8 Mhz (DSD1024) - native
  • I2S out support all DSD format, S/PDIF and AES/EBU support DSD64 DOP mode]
    Bit depth: up to 32 bit over I2S output and up to 24 bit over S/PDIF and AES/EBU output


  • Standard USB input socket USB - type B-mother, USB power supply range is 4.5 V to 5.2V
  • AC POWER input socket adopts three oneness of IEC320, support for AC 110 v (90 v to 120 v or 220 v, 180 v to 240v) input, 50 to60 Hz, chassis internal AC voltage switching development.
  • BNC output interface and RCA interface standard, S/PDIF signal level is 550 mv (standard load), the output impedance of 75 ohms.
  • XLR output interface standard AES/EBU signal, level of 3.3 V (standard load) and the output impedance of 110 ohms.
  • Word clock (WCLK) use BNC output interface, for TTL level (no load), the output impedance of 75 ohms.
  • I2S output signal through the HDMI socket, four road signal output, including MCLK, BCLK, LRCLK, SDATA signal, using standard LVDS difference level, impedance control in 100 ohms.
  • PIN13-15 DSD_ON signals, high electricity at ordinary times is I2S work in DSD mode, for LVTTL level;
  • PIN18 for 5 v power supply output (output current less than 20 mA), can be used as a detection connection.

Product type USB digital interface
Sampling rate supported PCM via SPDIF & AES / EBU: Up to 192kHz
PCM via I2S & WCLK: Up to 768kHz
DSD via I2S: native DSD1024
FPGA Xilinx
Clocks 2x Accusilicon AS318B type femto clocks
Input 1x USB 2.0-B (Driver available for download from this sheet))
1x Clock 10MHz
Outputs 1x Coaxial SPDIF (RCA)
1x BNC
1x I2S through HDMI
1x AES / EBU
1x MCLK / WCK (clock)
OS compatibility Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 - Installing drivers needed
MacOS 10.6 and later
Linux with kernel UAC2
Android 4.2 and later - Supports OTG function
I2S compatibility Audio-GD: Support native DSD / DoP (all switches OFF)
Holo Audio: Support automatic detection and DSD (all the switches OFF)
PS AUDIO: Support automatic detection and DSD (all the switches OFF)
Gustard (3/6 Switch ON)
Color Black
Dimensions Width: 233mm
Depth with connectors: 185.6mm
Without connectors: 170mm

Height with legs: 58.4mm
Without legs: 46.5mm
Brand URL :
Weight: 2 kg
Width: 230 mm
Length: 350 mm
Height: 110 mm
Magna Hifi - Webshop: SingxerSingxer


238MM * 170MM * 46MM (Without machine foot)
USB Cable

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