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Pink Faun - ULTRA OCXO Clock

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Pink Faun ULTRA Low Jitter OCXO Clock

In the digital domain, the clock is one of the most important components. To achieve the best results with digital audio Pink Faun has developed a module that can accommodate various OCXO clocks. The Pink Faun clock modules have a robust linear power supply with a buffer capacity of 10.000uF and various RF filters. The clock modules can be used in the digital signal path such as USB, SPDIF or I2S but can also serve as an upgrade for the motherboard of a computer-based music server. By replacing the motherboard clock by a much more accurate Pink Faun clock, errors in software, operating system and hardware are reduced; the processorload is reduced, resulting in a more natural and analog sound.

hase noise and Jitter of clocks 
In the simplest terms, phase noise describes the stability of an oscillator in the Frequency Domain while jitter describes stability in the Time Domain.

When we look at a signal in the time domain we see a 'jittery' waveform (see graph), we talking about 'jitter'. graph_jitter_clock.svg

Because the jitter is much smaller than one complete period (see graph), we can say it is caused by 'Phase Fluctuations' (instead of frequency fluctuations). Since these fluctuations are noise, it's actually phase noise. 

During the development of the Pink Faun Ultra OCXO clock, we focused on reduction of jitter. Using high Q crystal material for the Ultra-low noise OCXO and special circuitry to reduce noise in the oscillator.

They are two methods of looking at the same parameter: phase noise looks at the signal spectrum, i.e. in the frequency domain, whereas phase jitter looks at the variations of phase upon the signal. Phase noise characterizes the shape of the frequency spectrum of the oscillator.

The term phase noise is used to describe the noise spectrum resulting from phase jitter that arises as a result of random phase variations of the signal. The noise arises from general noise in the circuit that manifests itself as phase jitter. Since phase and frequency are inextricably linked, this can also be seen as random frequency variations. In high-end audio, the phase noise is incredibly important because phase noise reduces the signal quality and hence increases the error rate of the communications link.


The Pink Faun clock modules are suitable for any digital device. Please contact us whether you like to know the Pink Faun clock module is an upgrade for your device as well.


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