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mway-pwr-ntrl-ref-iego-redcopper2mway-pwr-ntrl-ref-iego-redcopper1M-Way Power Cable Natural Ref - IeGO Red Copper (1.75m)

M-Way Power Cable Natural Ref - IeGO Red Copper (1.75m)

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MWay Power Cable Natural Ref - IeGO Red Copper - IEC (1.75m)

There are many ways to connect devices and speakers together but only few will connect you to the music. My Way of connecting is just one of many but proved it self over the years. The principals are simple and few.  The M-WaY cables are always made of copper, non shielded, selected by ear and terminated by hand. There is no voodoo in it and no nonsense.

The only secret is to use the right cable, with the right connectors in the right place. There is no universal cable to wire a whole system. There is no ultimate or absolute best cable. More expensive is not always better.

“Nonsense; gibberish - a language one cannot understand. Also a game of jump rope with two ropes, two rope turners and at least one jumper “


  • Transparent open and clear.
  • Spatial. The ability to display the recording space again
  • Homogeneous. Tonal balance
  • Imaging between and behind the speakers
  • Standard brass ( some gold plated ) connectors
  • Stranded copper-wire, no shielding
  • transparent, open and clear.



Weight: 0.5 kg
Length: 150 cm
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