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Hifiman - HE6SE Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Hifiman - Planar Magnetic HE6SE Headphone

Building upon the success of the HE6, the HiFiMAN HE6se are Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones designed to deliver a transparent and completely natural rendition of complex recordings for audiophiles and music enthusiasts in homes, listening rooms, and acoustically controlled environments. The open-back design reduces resonance and reflections, thereby contributing to transparency. Characterized by low distortion and high sensitivity, the HE6se requires a substantial headphone amplifier with a minimum output of 2W per channel.

The HE6se's 50 Ohm impedance requires a substantial output (2W per channel minimum) to properly drive the headphones. Each earcup features HIFIMAN's proprietary FocusPad with memory foam surrounded by pleather and soft velour outer layers that gently envelope the ear
Supplied with a crystalline copper and crystalline silver cable for optimal signal transmission with near-zero signal loss. The headband is constructed of metal to maintain durability and incorporates a weight-dispersing strap for long-lasting comfort

HifiMan HE6SE 001

HifiMan HE6SE 002HifiMan HE6SE 004HifiMan HE6SE 005

Product Highlights:

Open-Back Design
Lightweight Planar Drivers
Thin, Responsive Diaphragms
8 Hz to 65 kHz Frequency Response
Low Distortion, High Sensitivity
Hybrid Headband Design
Detachable Cable with 3.5mm Connectors
Includes 1/4" Adapter


Weight: 480 g
Magna Hifi - Webshop: HIFIMANHIFIMAN

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