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Audio-GD - HE7 2020 - Regenerative PSU Balanced - PCM1704 * 8 - FPGA DAC - PCM
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Audio-GD - HE7 2020 - Regenerative PSU Balanced - PCM1704 * 8 - FPGA DAC - PCMaudiogd-r7he-mh-frontagd_r7he_2020_002_1571734306audiogd-r7he-mh-5audiogd-r7he-mh-1audiogd-r7he-mh8audiogd-r7he-mh1audiogd-r7he-mh2Audio-GD - HE7 2020 - Regenerative PSU Balanced - PCM1704 * 8 - FPGA DAC - PCMAudio-GD - HE7 2020 - Regenerative PSU Balanced - PCM1704 * 8 - FPGA DAC - PCM

Audio-GD - HE7 2020 - Regenerative PSU Balanced - PCM1704 * 8 - FPGA DAC - PCM

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€ 3.014 excl VAT
Singxer F1 USB (Replace Amanero) with installation
Power cable (Default C13 EURO)
Audio-GD - Optical Digital Toslink Cable (1M)
Audio-GD - Digital SPDIF coax interlink BNC (1m)
Audio-GD - Digital SPDIF coax interlink RCA (1m)
Audio-GD - ACSS Analogue balanced interlink (mini-xlr)
Audio-GD - Analogue RCA interlink stereo pair (1m)
M-WAY - ACSS NTRL Reference Analogue balanced interlink (mini-xlr)
M-Way - NTRL Reference Analogue balanced XLR interlink (3-PIN XLR)
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Audio-GD - HE7 2020 - Regenerative PSU PCM1704 * 8 (PCM Balanced DAC)

HE-7 2020 Singularity custom order (ONLY 10 AVAILABLE)
Apply 8 pcs PCM1704UK(Can't support DSD),built in Regenerative power supply,Accusilicon clocks and USB isolator .

Regenerative power supply
Dedicated Discrete Fully Balanced DAC
Especial design DSP software for the PCM1704
Built in 8 Pieces  PCM1704UK

USB and HDMI inputs support up to 32bit /384KHz
 with USB isolator
Amanero combo384 as USB input


Menu Controlled System

All functions operable from front panel for user friendly experience. In total 7 different sound characteristics: 4 different algorithms in NOS mode and 3 types oversampling modes. (Jumper-less version!) 

Firmware upgrade port

Micro USB port on back panel. (Update without opening the unit)
3 Different firwmwares available 


Design is future proof; software updates to improve and expand current feature set. Two high performance low jitter TCXO oscillators, operating at and MHz level to support todays and future (higher) sample rates. A true balanced analogue implementation

  • True balanced design
  • Digital DSP for optimal signal processing
  • Internal OCC wires & low-jitter TCXO clocks applied
  • Discrete analogue output stages
  • DC coupled design (No capacitors in signal path)
  • Non- feedback ACSS analogue output control
  • Power supply consist of 21 regulated low noise regulators
  • Over 50,000uF power capacity to purify the power supply
  • High-grade matched transistors per channel
  • USB Amanero Combo384 interface with galvanic isolation


HE7 is characterized by its coherent, transparent and natural sound. Striking is the spatial sound image. Rich in detail; extremely high resolution; strong authority and wide stereo image. You'll forget that you're listening to a digital source.

USB Singxer F1 Option (Replacing Amanero)

singxef1 repl amanero

Enjoy DSD512 and best sound quality with Singxer F1 USB module installed (Replacing Amanero)

MAGNA HIFI is offering a significant upgrade of the internal USB interface by replacing the Amanero USB interface for a more sophisticated Singxer F-1 XU208 board using the Crystek CCHD-575 ultra low phase noise clocks. Besides the sound quality improvements it enables native DSD512 support! We'll make sure the Singxer F-1 is properly installed and using internal ultra clean power source from the internal DAC to ensure best sound quality


  • 1 - AES/EBU ((3-PIN XLR, 110-ohm)
  • 2 - S/PDIF (RCA, 75 Ohm)
  • 3 - 10Mhz Master Clock Input (50Ohm)
  • 4 - S/PDIF Optical (Toslink)
  • 5 - I2S (HDMI, LVDS)
  • 6 - USB (Amanero, USB class 2, 32bit)
  • Micro USB -  Firmware Update


  • ACSS balanced
  • XLR balanced
  • RCA single ended


audiogd r7he mhreg psu

An integrated regenerative power supply is a proprietary electric generator built into the unit to avoid any noise from main power and deliver ultra-low noise and clean AC wave to feed the preamp

It will regenerate the main power and block noise from the power line, this way the preamp is able to reproduce the most neutral and analog sound you can imagine.

First a transformer converts main voltage. DC conversion is done by class A PSUs power supplies. 

A discrete balanced regenerative wave generator produces the new ultra-low noise wave form at 400Hz. The 400Hz frequency was chosen because they have better efficiency compared to traditional 50Hz and at this frequency, 400Hz, it will boost the sound to reproduce real and pleasant analog sound.

The balanced gain amps with powerful output stages are driving the regenerative transformers to produce the extreme clean AC power. The extreme regenerated clean AC power is send to separate class A PSUs power supplies for both left and right channel.

The discrete class-A DC power supply with high input impedance will avoid any noise and allow the amplifier stages to have low output impedance at very high speed and linear at frequency spectrum.


The analog output stages are as important, they have a tremendous influence on the final sound quality. After d/a conversion by the R2R D/A modules the analogue signal is transported by fully discrete matched-transistor output stages; DC-coupled design with first class through-hole components. No SMD compon ents are applied in the analogue section.

R2R710.jpgThe high speed unique ACSS ((Audio-gd Current Signal System) output stages are non-feedback and current driven. Unique performance because almost all other designs need to convert the signal multiple times from and to current and/or voltage, resulting in less detailed and less transparent sound-stage The output buffers are single ended FET; two stages in parallel to reach very low output impedance. All output stages are in pure class A without (negative) feedback to achieve purest and a real live sound reproduction. The 4 OPA op-amp's are DC servos, this way no coupling-capacitors are needed and DC output is automatically biased. The listener will be presented a strikingly transparent and neutral sound.


The DAC consist of 3 tuned low noise, low flux leakage, R-cores transformers. In total 130W power to supply all digital parts and the left and right analog boards. The DC power is distributed over 19 separate power regulators. All are pure class A low noise shunts; fed by 3 groups linear power supplies. Resulting in ultra-high speed and clean power for all individual parts.


Download USB Amanero drivers for Windows 10
Download USB Amanero drivers for Windows 7 & 8

No drivers required for Linux and/or Mac OS
OSX 10.6+ and Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel
Microsoft Windows: KS/Wasapi/WDM/ASIO

Brand URL :
Weight: 15 kg
Width: 430 mm
Length: 530 mm
Height: 93 mm
Magna Hifi - Webshop: Audio-GDAudio-GD


R-2R Discrete Ladder(s)
2.5V (RCA) 5V (XLR) 2+2mA (ACSS)
0.5 Vp-p
19 dBm
USB / I2S 44.1kHz - 384kHz /32Bit & DSD64-DSD512.| Coaxial: 44.1kHz - 192kHz /24Bit Optical: 44.1kHz - 192kHz /24Bit
1.0, 1.1, 2.0 & 3.0
Windows, iOS, Linux
> 130dB
45W Version 1: 100-120V AC 50/60 Hz Version 2: 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz
W430 X L530 X H93 (MM, Fully aluminium)
USB Cable
IEC Power Cord
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