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Pink Faun

Pink Faun - I2S Audio Bridge PCIe (Modular)

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Pink Faun I2S Audio Bridge

The Pink Faun HEA bridge is the base card for the I2S connection between computer and DAC. Unlike SPDIF, there is no industry standard for I2S. Each DAC manufacturer is free to choose its own connection for the I2S input. To overcome this, Pink Faun has developed the high-end Audio bridge (HEA bridge). The HEA bridge is a high-quality PCIe card with a flexible output system which can be placed in any computer. Pink Faun has built up a large database with compatible I2S DACs in recent years. If your DAC is in the list of compatible devices, then the Pink Faun HEA bridge is the best to use for streaming PCM files up to 32bit / 192KHz. 

I2S or IIC stands for Inter-IC Sound and is an electrical serial bus interface that is used for connecting digital audio devices together. It is used to communicate PCM audio data between integrated circuits in an electronic device. The I2S bus separates clock and serial data signals, resulting in simpler receivers than those required for asynchronous communications systems that need to recover from the data stream. A frequently heard criticism is that I2S is not suitable for use between two devices. This criticism is totally unsubstantial. The results achieved with the Pink Faun HEA bridge speak for themselves. The maximum length between the HEA bridge (integrated circuit one) and the DAC’s I2S receiver (integrated circuit two) is one meter maximum. This length is absolutely irrelevant for a digital signal such as I2S.

Each Pink Faun HEA bridge is clocked with a TCXO clock embedded on the card. Although this clock provides outstanding results, there’s always room to improve. Therefore, the Pink Faun HEA bridge offers a very simple upgrade system for its clock. The clock upgrade is mounted on a separate board and is very easy to install on the HEA bridge. No need to solder on or program anything in the HEA bridge. The clock upgrade can also be carried out at a later stage, no technical knowledge is required. The clock upgrade is easy to place and the HEA bridge automatically switches to the improved clock.


The current available digital output modules are:




HDMI - IIS LVDS L/R invert

HDMI - IIS custom pin assignment

RJ45 - IIS TTL 3.3V


RJ45 - IIS custom pin assignment

RG179 Sub D - IIS TTL 3.3V / 5V

Multi-Channel IIS



  • Fully compatible with Audio-GD HDMI DACś
  • HDMI I2S Output
  • Windows Compatible

List of i2s DAC's

  • Acoustic Plan Digimaster din 4 polig
  • April Music Eximus DP-1 mini DIN
  • Aqua Acoustic La Voce S2 RJ45
  • Aqua Acoustic La Scale mk2 RJ45
  • Astin Trew Concord DAC 1 HDMI
  • Audio Byte Black Dragon HDMI
  • Audio Byte Hydra X HDMI
  • Audio Byte Silver Dragon HDMI
  • Any Audio GD with HDMI i2s port
  • PS audio Direct Stream 
  • Audio GD I2S HDMI DACS
  • Ayon SKYLLA RJ45
  • BMC DAC 1 4x BNC
  • C.E.C. TL-51X transport D-sub
  • Channel Island audio Transient mark 2 HDMI Mini DIN
  • Holo Audio HDMI
  • Empirical Audio Overdrive SE DAC RJ45
  • Empirical Audio Off-Ramp 5 HDMI RJ45
  • Javs DAC 2 HDMI
  • K&K audio Extreme RAKK HDMI
  • LKS audio Model IV RJ45
  • Love Harmony AX-D1 HDMI
  • M2Tech Vaughan RJ45
  • M2Tech Evo 2 RJ45
  • MSB technology The analogue DAC RJ45
  • MSB technology Platinum DAC IV RJ45
  • MSB technology Analog RJ45
  • North Star Fluxio RJ45
  • North Star DAC 32 RJ45
  • North Star Extremo RJ45
  • Perpetual Audio P-1A 5 pin DIN
  • PS audio PWD HDMI
  • Rockna Wavedream HDMI
  • Rockna Wavequest HDMI
  • Sonore Signature DAC HDMI
  • Stello DA100 5 pin DIN
  • Stahl Tec Optus DAC HDMI
  • Stahl Tec Vekian DAC HDMI
  • Stahl Tec Ariaa DAC HDMI
  • Wired 4 Sound DAC2 series HDMI
  • Zanden 5000 Signatue RJ45


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