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The HRS17 models are a great success! The HRS17 models are sufficient to achieve high quality music playback in almost any living room in most situations. The latest development is the Xanadu HRS17 Ceramic AMT for most most critical and demanding ears.

The passive versions, with the stubborn Xanadu bass reflex tuning, is a trouble-deployable speaker that can be controlled by any good amplifier. Despite its relatively small size, it is a full three-way system with a lot of dynamics, remote continuous and controlled bass response and unprecedented resolution. Magna HIfi highly recommends the Master 10 integrated or Master 3 power amplifier to drive the HRS17! No need to have the bass-active version with those amps., both amplifiers have more than sufficient power and control to drive the speakers.

The bass-active HRS17BA versions have an amplifier on board with active filter which is tuned exactly to the subwoofer. This combination offers a lot of freedom in arrangement whereby the volume and character of the bass for each situation (acoustics and own preferences) is adjustable. The display is to be more dynamic and in low look no restrictions. Clear and transparent display featuring every Xanadu. You hear immediately that the speakers are built by and for experienced music lovers as gain practical usability in the living room acoustics. All Xanadu speakers are standard suitable for tube amplifiers (optional is a comprehensive adjustment available).

The bass-active version also allows the set, for example, a 5 to 10 watt tube amp is driven (example is the ALFI 300B amplifier which is in use and is sold by Amplimo BV Neede)

Please contact us for more information! We have the HRS17KA available in our listening studio for demonstration.


    HRS17 HRS17BA
Systeem   3-weg 3-weg Basactief
Afmetingen HxBxD incl. voetplaat 92×30,5×18,5cm idem
  Spikes of kegels hoogte +- 2,5cm  idem
Luidsprekers Bas 22cm ext x-max idem
  Midrange 15cm alu 15cm alu
  Tweeter bandtweeter bandtweeter
Filter Handgemaakt Xanadu 2e/4e orde 3-weg topklasse 2-weg topklasse +
  actief + woofer   actief + correctie
Bekabeling Twisted Copper ofc ofc
Aansluiting Bi-wired-amping/enkelvoudig messing verguld messing verguld
Aansluiting     low-level input
Aansluiting     230 V netentree
Frequentiebereik -3dB punten nearfield/bas 38Hz..25kHz 29Hz..25kHz
Impedantie   nominaal 5 Ohm >200Hz nom 5 Ohm
Rendement 2.83 V/W/M 500Hz 87,5dB 87,5dB
Belastbaardheid*1 Voldoende voor woonkamer 150>200Hz 150>150Hz
Optioneel Regelbaar volume >3kHz +- 2dB >3kHz +- 2dB
Optioneel Voor alle modellen Soundcare spikes
Optioneel Voor alle modellen Buizen impedantiecorrectie/schakelbaar
Uitvoeringen Lak in satijn of hoogglans
Optioneel two-tone combinaties van voet of kast in satijn icm hoogglans.
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Weight: 60 kg
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