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Xanadu - Xanadu Le Poète

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This speaker is simply amazing!

The representation is rich and round with maintaining the tight display which is characteristic of any speaker Xanadu.

The membrane at the back has various functions such as extending the bass response, control, filtering of unwanted frequencies and increase the load. The speaker is an amplifier-friendly load. In other words, to drive with any good amplifier, including tube amplifiers.

Typically, the very high resolution, speech intelligibility and can easily follow individual instruments. Staging is a term often used to indicate that the speaker is in a position to put down a spatial image with a lot of depth, width, and height. Experience the staging of this Poet.

"Studio France"

This is the first set in the Xanadu long tradition we have chosen an appropriate name.

Xanadu is a completely Dutch company and we are proud of. The partner which enabled us to start in the 80's Xanadu and a seemingly inexhaustible source of knowledge brought in, is now living in the beautiful Provence, enjoying music in his "Studio France"

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Size 40 x  17,7 x 28 cm (hxbxd)
System 2-way basreflex + passive membrane backside, 17 cm.
Woofer 14 cm polyglas woofer
Tweeter Ringradiator met dubbele magneet
Impedance 6 Ohm. (Amplifier friendly load)
Rendement 87 dB/W/m
Frequency range ca. 40 Hz….30 Khz
Power Designed for living room listening
Recommended Amp Transistor or Vacuum valve amps
Design High quality HPL finish in Ral 9010 high-gloss, optional high-gloss black.
Connection For single banana plugs.
Placement Placing on stable stands (50 tot ca 70 cm).Design is based on linkage with back wall (distance ca 20 tot 60 cm)
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Weight: 20 kg
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