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Audio-GD - Accusilicon 318B Femto Clock Upgrade

As of today we offer the Accusilicon 318B clock upgrades for Audio-GD DAC's. This new upgrade is optionally and can be ordered direclty with your purchase or you can order separately as upgrade when you already have an Audio-GD DAC. There are 2 versions available; one for Sabre DAC's and one for R-2R or PCM1704 Singularity DAC's. Please contact us in case of any question.

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A R-2R Ladder DAC s is using very precise resistor networks. They don't have a conventional dac-chip.

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The element series is our first product that transforms into a full-featured audio source with built-in music playback

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Audio-GD - D77 - Discrete Balanced Dual ES9038 PRO FPGA Accusilicon DAC - PCM / DxD / DSD
2018-05-12 07:24
 SPECIAL PROMOTION  -10% DISCOUNT Audio-GD - D77 - Balanced Dual ES9038 PRO FPGA PRO DAC 3x AS318B Femto Clock (DSD, DxD, Amanero USB) D77
€ 1,079
€ 892 excl VAT
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Audio-GD - PRECISION 3S - Single Ended Power Amplifier (RCA, ACSS, Bridge)
2017-10-11 12:18
SPECIAL PROMOTION  -10% DISCOUNT PRECSION 3S SINGLE ENDED POWER AMPLIFIER Precision 3S power amplifier is designed without any compromises us
€ 512
€ 423 excl VAT
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Audio-GD - NFB11.28 - Discrete Single Ended ES9028 PRO DAC - PCM / DxD / DSD - Pre- & Headphone Amplifier
2017-05-29 07:59
SET DEALThis product + & Hifiman Sundara150 EURO DISCOUNT NFB-11.28 TCXO Single Ended Sabre ES9028 DAC (DSD / DXD) Single Ended Headphone &
€ 339
€ 280 excl VAT
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