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Juli 12, 2020

Audio GD Master 2H Mono Power Amplifiers

Like the Master 1, the Master 2H mono amplifiers amplify the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No matter how loud you play, is nothing short of amazing. At 4100 euros, the Master 2H’s must be the absolute best transistor amps that this amount of money can buy. Moreover, they are the best amps I’ve heard below the arm-and-leg price category


Mai 7, 2020

Audio-GD R7 2020 Review - R2R DONE RIGHT

This was the most difficult and the most rewarding review to make. It is a first when I can call the same DAC slow and fast, hard slamming and easy going, super detailed and rolled off. Since R-2R DACs are relying a lot on the FPGA code, the manufacturer is basically telling it how it should sound, not the other way around as it happens with delta-sigma ones. If you like to tailor your sound or if you change your acoustic chain quite often and worry about system matching, then Audio-GD R7 seems like a perfect digital source to own, it is really a chameleon and a system matching God.


Februar 7, 2020

Holo Audio MAY NOS DAC with oversampling on demand

 It’s a DAC that can be operated without or with oversampling and does not only do PCM but also DSD in the fully discrete R2R type digital to analog converter. It looks like we can have our cake and eat it too….


Februar 21, 2020

Audio-GD R2R DAC with regenerative power supply

Hans was so kind to review the remarkable Holo May AND this Audio-GD R7HE dac. Two wonderful dacs with both their techniques and specialities. See both reviews and take your own conclusion! Or if you wish come and visit us and we let you hear the differences.  Watch the review of the R7HE


Februar 1, 2020


GLENN YOUNG: The Audio-gd HE-1 preamplifier is one of the three best preamplifiers I’ve ever heard. It creates an acoustic space like no other component. Despite the spatial goodness, the HE-1 avoids coloring the sound. Not to be missed! Read the full review

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