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Sonos tips


Turn off compression

You want to produce the highest quality sound for your Sonos Connect Ultimo or AMP Ultimo 

1.From the Music menu, select System Settings.

2.Select Advanced Settings>Audio Compression.

3.Use the scroll wheel to select Automatic, Uncompressed or Compressed, and press OK.




Power Cable

Make sure all of your audio equipment is setup with right phase. Our experience is the best results will be achieved by putting the phase in the upper pin on the Sonos Connect 



Listen do the difference between Ultimo en standard Connect

Make sure you do not add the Connect and Ultimo to same application. The system will pair the two systems and this is sub-optimal for listening test and you might not get the best result from the Ultimo. We advise you use one application (device) per Connect / Ultimo so they are not aware of each other. 



Radio Streamen

You can use the Sonos Controller for Mac or PC to add a radio station that does not appear in the radio guide. You must know the streaming URL, and the station must use the streaming MP3 broadcast format. This station will be added to your Favorites list. 

1. From the Manage menu, select Add Radio Station. 

2. Type the streaming URL for the radio station you want to add to your station list (for example: 

3. Type the radio station’s name in the Station Name field, and then click OK. 

The new radio station appears in Radio -> My Radio Stations list. 



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